About me.

Hey i\'m Rachael i\'m the one without the glasses in my picture, lol. The girl in the picture with me is my best friend Hannah, shes pretty cool ;)

Fav. color: Green

Music: A Day to Remember, The Junior Prom, Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, Eminem, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys, Mayday Parade and more.

Favorite tv shows: Law and Order:SVU, Big Bang Theory,Degrassi, Jersey Shore (it\'s funny to watch them be so damn stupid lol)

When I grow up I want to be a Special Victims Unit officer because pedofiles and perverts DISGUST me.

And I FULLY support Gays, transgenders, anyone :)

I\'m pretty chill so message me and we\'ll talk :)

NickBrocious IS a Patriots fan, no matter what he says :)

Rawrlicious is icy ;D

Julian yes OF COURSE there is seafood is Massachussetts! :)

I love Don<3 he is such an amazing person :)

Formspring :) ask me anything!