Two words that sound delicious together: spicy ranch, amirite?

It immediately makes me think of Buffalo Chicken subs

Doing the reject is nothing like skipping backwards, amirite?

It's doing the running man backwards

Fanny-packs are quite possibly the dorkiest accessory in existence. amirite?

Vector from Despicable Me wears one.

You highly doubt Snooki actually wrote that book. amirite?
@Device How do you know? because she said so?

Yes. She was on Ellen. She did write the book. I'm not saying she wrote if well I'm just saying she wrote it lol

The funniest female comedians are lesbians- Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, and Jane Lynch, amirite?


You get sad when you are eating Goldfish Crackers, and there is one that isn't smiling back. amirite?

I've been eating Goldfish for 3 weeks straight. I love them :]

6th grade was probably your worst year style-wise, amirite?

Nah 5th grade was worst for me. I only worse baggy jeans and huge t-shirts. I actually shopped in the guys section at the store. It was so embarrassing thinking about it now :[

Sorry, McDonald's, but I'm pretty sure Olympic athletes don't eat at your restaurants... amirite?

Woah! I had Mcdonalds the other day and I saw that on the cup and I asked my mom why they would be a sponsor since they are world class trained athletes.

Sometimes you get really obsessed with a certain food, so you eat tons of it in a short period of time (like a few days), and then you get sick of it and can never eat it again, amirite?

I have been obsessively eating goldfish for 4 weeks and I am not sick of them yet. I eat them all day everyday. I'm not kidding.


The first time you ever put a finger inside of a girl's vagina the first thing you did when she wasn't looking was sniff you're finger. amirite?

Yeah, this guy did that it was soooooo awkward...

You hate when people spell "come" as "cum". That is two completely different meanings, amirite?

I was having a serious conversation with my guy friend and he said "cum on..seriously?" and I said "hahaha cum". He got really pissed....I thought it was funny :)

Girls: You've had dreams about shopping and buying amazing things and then waking up disappointed, amirite?

I had a dream that my beat friend gave me her old (but still VERY new) blackberry. And I woke up to my phone...I was so sad :(

Nutella really has the entire market for that chocolate-butter-spread-thing, amirite?


You always hear about the 'girl next door' but never about the 'guy next door', amirite?

"boy next door" is mentioned a lot....