There are other books out there than just Twilight and Harry Potter, amirite?

like the maze runner for example
(it's a good book you should check it out)

It's funny when you see a bird trying to fly against the wind, and he's not making much progress, so he just kinda hovers there, amirite?

ya and then he ougouga's the seulueloa and you just can't help but ummagumma

You can't have everything....where would you put it? amirite?

in more everything

When you insult something, your insult has to be better than the thing you're insulting or else YOU are the one who sounds dumb. For example I respect Justin Bieber about 1000x more than some random on the internet who thinks he's hilarous when he says "Justin Bieber is a GIRL HAHAHA" amirite?

random what? cow, donkey, pony....

if you think about it, gays and lesbians are good for society, cause our primal instinct tell us to mate to someone of the opposite sex, and gays/lesbians, do the opposite, ignoring there primal instinct, and, in theory evolving into a more intelligent species, so gays/lesbians could stand as a monument to how advance we are as a species. amirite?
@DanielJames That is the instinct of heterosexuals, yes. However, homosexuals have the instinct to be attracted to the same sex.

if they have the instinct to be attracted the the same sex then they wouln't be gay. oh and merry christmas

When you were a little kid and received money from family members or friends for your birthday, and your parents said they would hold on to it for "safe keeping", you knew you'd never see that money again. amirite?

I would have been like "bullshit give me my money"

Schools are weird, they have green BLACKboards, amirite?

who the hell still uses blackboards?
we have Eno-Boards where i come from

My best friend was given 2 tickets to a special Hunger Games premiere screening, but took her boyfriend instead of me. We're both mega-huge fans of the books, and he hadn't even heard of them. It's okay that I'm irritated, amirite?

i miss the part where that's my problem

People who post solely to make the homepage will often be disappointed, amirite?

isn't that why we post stuff?

Your password on this site is "password", amirite?

it is now

In the original Disney princess movies, why is it always the females who are evil? The evil step MOTHER, the evil QUEEN, the evil WITCH. Why can't it be the evil stepfather, the evil king, or the evil wizard? amirite?

because there arn't enough credible female villains

It sucks when you have like $0.17 left on your itunes account and can't use it on anything, amirite?

i have $0.98
ohhh itunes why

Some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not, amirite?
Plankton kinda looks like Squidward's nose sometimes, except with a face, antennae, legs and arms, amirite?

and green

There should be a girl equivilent to the word guy. There's boys and girls, but that seems young-ish, there's ladies and gentlemen, but that sounds too formal, and there's men and women, but that sounds too grown up. Guy is the perfect word for a teenage boy, but what is there for a teenage girl, amirite?

dude and chick