About me.

This is suprisingly hard, to write something about yourself. I'll try anyway!
I'm a 16 year old girl from Dubai, UAE. As you may have guessed from my username, I like to read. A lot. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

I don't have a favorite color, actually. It's a bit weird. I like all colors, just on different things.

I LOVE Asian dramas. Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean. You name it. If you asked me how many dramas I've watched, I seriously wouldn't know; I lost count. My first ever asian drama was the Japanese drama, Gokusen. The addiction came shortly after that.

I like pop music, the ones that are actually GOOD, some R&B, and a lot of random songs I don't know their genre. I hate rap. I mean, it's okay if it's a part of a song, I can handle that, but rap songs really annoy me. You're not a singer, just a fast talker! That's my opinion, anyway.

I LOVE K-Pop. I wouldn't call it an obsession, but nearly there! (SNSD is my favorite.)

I love wizard rock. Well, I'm not familiar with most of the bands, just Ministry of Magic (the best- in my opinion) among a few others.

My favorite season is Winter. I LOVE snow. It makes the world look magical, and peaceful, and all the rest of the clichés about snow. Clichés or not, it's true! But it never snows here in Dubai, maybe some VERY rare hail during the winter, but that's it. But I've seen snow in other countries, and fell in love.

After visiting this site for a while, I finally decided to create an account! Enough with the anonymous comments! So, here I am! I love this site, and visit (nearly) daily. It is so cool to realize that people around the world have the same thoughts as you. I love to watch posts live on the map!

Er- that's more like an autobiography than a profile... -.-'.