When i read MILAs, i often read ones about really stupid things that random people do and they always end with something like "made my life" then i wonder, how lame must their life really be for this to make their life? amirite?

"how lame must their life really be for this to make their life?"

well their lives ARE average eh

It would suck to be a pornstar. Knowing that people are masturbating 80% of the time they see you. amirite?

I fail to see how that's a bad thing.

Just sayin' >_>

Who told Harry Potter about sex, amirite?

Same like most of us; television.

Girls should have the balls to tell a guy she likes him, amirite?

not just any balls
THE balls

On icarly, if freddy's mom is so protective why does she let him hang around with two girls alone, in their house, all day long? Amirite?

lets see...cuz she knows:
1/ feddy is a vagina
2/ carly is way out of his league
3/ sam is an obvious lesbian

I can't see an end. I have no control and I don't think there's any escape - I don't even have a home anymore. Definitely time for a new keyboard. amirite?

ok this made me laugh hard! at first im like "oh wow an emo post" then read the keyboard thing and just burst out laughing

When you REALLY think REALLY hard about it, the fact that life can even exist is mind-blowing. Those who vote 'No Way' are just afraid to consider it, amirite?
You always hit the space bar with the thumb on your dominant hand, amirite?

Call me weird but I use my index finger.

You had so many plans for this summer and now that its over you realize you haven't accomplished any, amirite?

There was a great Arthur episode dedicated to this :3

Girls asking you if you think they're (physically) pretty is incredibly annoying; if they aren't how are you supposed to answer it?! amirite?

"You're....uuhh...just not my type."? Fake some awkwardness if you have to goddammit o_o

All those health freaks are going to feel really stupid one day when they're lying in bed, dying of nothing, amirite?

and proud of their healthy lives :)

It's really quite impossible to control your dreams, amirite?

it happened to me a few times but just by chance, it was great

not all teenagers are all about sex right? there are some of us that are content with just having good ol' clean fun, amirite?

LOL, some of us aint got a choice but to be content with good ol' clean fun xD

"1 out of every 3 smokers die." Apparently the other 2 become immortal, amirite?
@wobbuffet Then by all means, point me to someoneanyonewho has EVER said this. This kind of joke cannot be funny, because...

Dude, the essence of a joke is mostly always something made up. At least 1119 people think this is funny.

"Fly, you fools." Really Gandalf? That sounded more like a sneeze than anything. Amirite?

gandalf is bloody epic man