Deaf people probably think really fast because they don't have to think in words, amirite?

They can still read.

Music is dead... because all the amazing artists still in the business are killing it out there, amirite?

Do you mean killing it in a good way, or are you being sarcastic when you say amazing?

You feel bad when you step on a snail, amirite?

Yeah, because I just ruined my new shoes.

"Mumford and Sons has no soul in their music" said no one, ever. Amirite?
@Bre Completely 100% disagree. I'm sure you've never actually sat down & really listened to either of their albums, or...

Oh trust me, I've listened to both albums, extensively. I like them, but their songs sound the same. "blah blah blah heaaart". Don't let your passion for an artist stop you from critiquing them. An artist can be good even if there are flaws in their music. Mumford & Sons have good song, though they're very similar.
I just wish they would vary a little bit, maybe not from song to song, but maybe album to album.

"Mumford and Sons has no soul in their music" said no one, ever. Amirite?

They have enough soul for one song, which they play slightly differently over and over, then call it an album.

PC is the best gaming platform, because if your hardware gets outdated you can always swap out the components yourself, so it takes a lot longer for your system to get outdated, amirite?

If you're looking at it from a financial view, a gaming PC is ridiculously more expensive than consoles. Sure there is extra functionality with a PC and you can torrent any games you please, but it's still good bit of cash you have to put on the table. I had my 360 elite for four years and got the newer model when it was released. It's also very little maintenance compared to a PC.
If you're looking for performance, there is no contest.

You have never made a volcano for your school science faire, amirite?

I never had a school science fair.

You get overly happy/excited when you think of a big word to use in place of a smaller word. amirite?

You know you're pretentious when...

Quality is more important than quantity: a phrase that is in no way true when it comes to money. amirite?

If money is inflated it's worth next to nothing. I'd rather have $1 back in the 50's than $20 now. Quality is always better than quantity.

Let's be honest, you'd rather have a million dollars for yourself then end world hunger or have world peace, amirite?
@Cuban_B To everyone saying that people need to die from war and starvation because of overpopulation, seriously go fuck...

They're not saying war and famine are good things, but they need to happen though. Just like it sucks that old people die, but imagine a world where you have no room to have a home, no jobs, no food. Overpopulation IS an issue and we have no solution for it yet. Get off your high horse.

Let's be honest, you'd rather have a million dollars for yourself then end world hunger or have world peace, amirite?
@personThingy So basically, you believe that: -a person's right to individuality takes precedence over millions of people's right...

I'll back him on that yes.
-What kind of life would they be forced to lived if they don't have individuality and free will.
-Yes that is pretty much human nature.
-Most people who voted no way were voting that way so they don't look like selfish assholes.
-Religions have caused more wars than help the world.
-I can sponsor a child providing him with a life and safety for only 25 cents a day.

Any man that believes women are "the weaker sex" has never tried to reclaim his half of the blankets on a cold winter's night. amirite?

Because women are the weaker sex, hence they need the most blankets. It's like giving welfare to the poor.

The people that live solely in the moment are often the ones without futures, amirite?

I'd like to see a Venn Diagram of people who upvote this and people who like those facebook groups that have a carpe diem feel.

It's called 'The Notebook' because guys should be taking notes, amirite?
@It's called playing hard to get. He was just messing with her. He knew she liked him but kept saying no. Real life...

Guys don't know when no means yes because usually it ends in rape. We are kind of raised to back off after a no.

It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

So girls get mad when guys go for the hot girls, then when they go for one that isn't a model you still get mad?