You've always wonder if guys talk about girls as much as girls talk about guys. amirite?

"I'd do her."
"I don't know, she has that wierd thing about her voice."
"So? Your not having sex with her larynx."
"Okay, I'd fuck her"

The people that live solely in the moment are often the ones without futures, amirite?

I'd like to see a Venn Diagram of people who upvote this and people who like those facebook groups that have a carpe diem feel.

It blows your mind when some one tells you some thing example: David stop thinking and then later in your life you mess up because you were thinking and what that person said comes into your mind and you relies that they meant stop thinking let your instincts take over it's like mr miagee crazy shit, amirite?

"Bro, I'm so high right now"

You have at least once considered yourself addicted to a website or video game. amirite?

Runescape was my middle school. :/

It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

So girls get mad when guys go for the hot girls, then when they go for one that isn't a model you still get mad?

You only realize that your legs are so sore right after the end of the run, amirite?

You don't start out sore, unless you ran earlier. In which case, you're still sore after your run.

There's a fine line between hyphenated words, amirite?

You also have to say what the fine line separates. Hyphenated words and what?

Nobody ever seems to finish their limericks about Nantucket, amirite?

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
but his daughter named Nan
ran off with a man.
And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

Friends are like stars, they come and they go, but only the true ones glow, amirite?
There is an age group of children you simply will not deal with wether it is babies, toddlers, teens, etc. amirite?
@cassey664 You consider teenagers "children"? Some teens are legally adults.

The vast majority aren't, and I was referring to the younger ones anyways.

The human eye is one of the most complex things in the world, it can notice billions of mistakes that the the world throws at us. It also doesn't notice I said the word "the" twice, amirite?

The brain is at fault there, but whatever.

In every American movie set in England, they almost always attempt some sort of joke about how the British drive on the other side of the road, amirite?
@PinkSponge National Treasure (can't remember if it's one or two). The secondary one (I forget his name, I think it's Rory?)...

Now that you mention I might have subconsciously just visualized that scene. Don't I look dumb.

Oh and it's the second one.

If you still want to see Obama's birth certificate, you're a stupid, racist asshole, aMiRiTe?
@YeahIAm You can always quickly edit it if you accidentally type it out wrong.

Yeah, but it's just simpler to leave it as is. Not a big deal for me anyways.

Leona Lewis sings pretty...but she doesn't have any good songs, amirite?

Pretty is an adjective, not an adverb.