It's funny when you are a little kid and a 12 oz. can of soda seems so big and takes forever to drink. But once you grow up and are much bigger, that same can seems small and you can down it in seconds. Amirite?

I find the exact opposite. When I was a kid I could down a can and be ready for another. Now in my late 20s I can barely manage half a can before I'm done with it.

Plastic straws are a great alternative if you like awful things that don't work as intended. amirite?

You mean paper straws? Plastic straws are normal

GoogIe Chrome still doesn't allow you to have a clean, blank tab. amirite?

Go to about:blank in a new tab. Done

You are not in a hurry to try a veggie burger at BK. amirite?

I'll probably try it just to see what it's like. But I'm not expecting it to replace my usual order anytime soon.

If they take you out to a restaurant like Applebee's, you're the side piece. amirite?

Seems like the wrong way round. They take you to Applebee's when they stop caring. The side piece gets the fancy restaurants.

We all love an ice lolly(popsicle) amirite?
Samsung is the Huawei of america, amirite?

Samsung is Korean...

Because of streaming this generation of children will be able to mindlessly recall far fewer commercial jingles, amirite?

You still get plenty of commercials on YouTube or on demand services for individual channels.
Not to mention ads in app and on websites.

Bongs are music Instruments. amirite?

Bongos perhaps?

You loved the Forky character in the new Toy Story movie, amirite?

His "trash" lines were the best part of the whole film!

We could eventually end up selling usernames like we do domains. amirite?

There was an episode of the Reply All podcast that discussed this exact thing:

If you're shopping in the middle aisles of Lidl or Aldi you're probably stocking up on power washers and baby clothes rather than junk food. Otherwise in a regular supermarket yeah you are!

please respond hey o ...if your listening??? amirite?

It always amuses me when a business has a TV on that is showing a commercial for a competitor

Pot is good. You are you a good person for smoking it. But you are not clean and sober. amirite?