Pot is good. You are you a good person for smoking it. But you are not clean and sober. amirite?
@StarzAbove Smoking pot doesn't make a person good.

I agree. It doesn't make you a bad person either, but why does it make you a good person?

please respond hey o ...if your listening??? amirite?
Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?

What's new in it?

Did you forget the picture?

Samsung is the Huawei of america, amirite?

Samsung is Korean...

What kind of phone do you have?

Those are not the only 2 choices of phone.

That theirs no point of memes if all they do is die anyway amirite?

Memes are fun while they're relevant and something replaces them every week when they die so they're always fresh anyway.

Most of us would be screwed if we had to learn Japanese in a week. amirite?

Are all you people disagreeing claiming it would be easy to learn Japanese in less than a week? 🤔

Party based elections in country like India has miserably failed in delivering the goods.Invariably party is more important than the ideology for the contestants . Therefore democracy is derailed . So, elections should be not party oriented but only candidate oriented. amirite?

This is true of most countries I hear about now. People don't care who the candidate is or what they stand for. They're die hard fans of a certain party, the other party is the enemy, so if their party wins they win and the other loses.
See: Trump.

Maroon 5 and the NFL deserve the hate they got because of Super Bowl LIII, amirite?

If you're shopping in the middle aisles of Lidl or Aldi you're probably stocking up on power washers and baby clothes rather than junk food. Otherwise in a regular supermarket yeah you are!

In the future when everyone has a self driving car, manual cars will probably only be used for recreation and sport just as horses are today. amirite?

This made me think will a "manual car" start to me a non self driving car, rather than referring to a car with a manual transmission?

It's funny when you are a little kid and a 12 oz. can of soda seems so big and takes forever to drink. But once you grow up and are much bigger, that same can seems small and you can down it in seconds. Amirite?

I find the exact opposite. When I was a kid I could down a can and be ready for another. Now in my late 20s I can barely manage half a can before I'm done with it.

Because of streaming this generation of children will be able to mindlessly recall far fewer commercial jingles, amirite?

You still get plenty of commercials on YouTube or on demand services for individual channels.
Not to mention ads in app and on websites.

People who talk about The Office automatically expect you to know they are talking about the USA version even though the original UK one is way better, amirite?
@StarzAbove I wasn't aware there was any other version than the USA.

The UK version is the original.
The first season of the US one is word for word a copy of the UK one.