War preparation by videogames is a terrible idea as you can shoot your ally in real life, amirite?

Well many games at have teamkilling enabled so at least that shows you need to be careful where you shoot.

The sincerest form of betrayal is ordering French fries and receiving sweet potato fries. amirite

No way. Sweet potato fries are better than regular fries

Most of us would be screwed if we had to learn Japanese in a week. amirite?

Are all you people disagreeing claiming it would be easy to learn Japanese in less than a week? 🤔

Party based elections in country like India has miserably failed in delivering the goods.Invariably party is more important than the ideology for the contestants . Therefore democracy is derailed . So, elections should be not party oriented but only candidate oriented. amirite?

This is true of most countries I hear about now. People don't care who the candidate is or what they stand for. They're die hard fans of a certain party, the other party is the enemy, so if their party wins they win and the other loses.
See: Trump.

Maroon 5 and the NFL deserve the hate they got because of Super Bowl LIII, amirite?
This generation is more likely to study harder if "F"s are changed to "L"s on scorecards, amirite?
@Mrbuddyrebel32 F stands for Fail while L stands for Loss. It's kind of a slang to say L to people who lose at something, most...

It's also slang to say "F" to people who lose at something. It's from "press F to pay respects" in a game but I'm sure which game.
So the same logic also says we should keep Fs

When an employer asks you to come to work 5 minutes before your shift starts, they are asking you to work over 20 unpaid hours over the course of a year. amirite
@Walt_OReagun Depends how they pay you. For my employer, it would pay 0.1 hour overtime.

I think in situations like this they're trying to get away without paying you extra. Saying "it's only 5 minutes, you're not being a team player" and so on.

If you're shopping in the middle aisles of Lidl or Aldi you're probably stocking up on power washers and baby clothes rather than junk food. Otherwise in a regular supermarket yeah you are!

In the future when everyone has a self driving car, manual cars will probably only be used for recreation and sport just as horses are today. amirite?

This made me think will a "manual car" start to me a non self driving car, rather than referring to a car with a manual transmission?

Whenever you say male-female equality or female-male equality you're putting one gender before the other. amirite?

Most people just say "gender equality"

You loved the Forky character in the new Toy Story movie, amirite?

His "trash" lines were the best part of the whole film!

It's funny when you are a little kid and a 12 oz. can of soda seems so big and takes forever to drink. But once you grow up and are much bigger, that same can seems small and you can down it in seconds. Amirite?

I find the exact opposite. When I was a kid I could down a can and be ready for another. Now in my late 20s I can barely manage half a can before I'm done with it.

Because of streaming this generation of children will be able to mindlessly recall far fewer commercial jingles, amirite?

You still get plenty of commercials on YouTube or on demand services for individual channels.
Not to mention ads in app and on websites.

People who talk about The Office automatically expect you to know they are talking about the USA version even though the original UK one is way better, amirite?
@StarzAbove I wasn't aware there was any other version than the USA.

The UK version is the original.
The first season of the US one is word for word a copy of the UK one.

If they take you out to a restaurant like Applebee's, you're the side piece. amirite?

Seems like the wrong way round. They take you to Applebee's when they stop caring. The side piece gets the fancy restaurants.