If they take you out to a restaurant like Applebee's, you're the side piece. amirite?

Seems like the wrong way round. They take you to Applebee's when they stop caring. The side piece gets the fancy restaurants.

400 pilots are suing boeing for lost wages, NOT because they could have killed them and multitudes of passengers. Money baby! amirite?

It's easier for them to quantity lost wages. The potential for death is hard to put a monetary value on so is hard to sue for, since suing is all about getting money no matter what the reason is.
At least this way Boeing likely has to cough up for something.

June 20th will now forever be known as "not a father " day where women take time and buy presents for past boyfriends who didn't knock them up. amirite?

Is this from How I Met Your Mother?

Pot is good. You are you a good person for smoking it. But you are not clean and sober. amirite?
We could eventually end up selling usernames like we do domains. amirite?

There was an episode of the Reply All podcast that discussed this exact thing:

If everything on the internet was in dark mode since the very beginning of it there would probably be no need to create a light mode option because pretty much no one would want that, amirite?

No everybody always wants the opposite. There would be demand for a light mode and that would be the "cool" one

A random adult walking up to a school kid and having a general convo with them is unnatural. An adult on a forum starting general convo with a preteen is natural (REAL accounts and age stated to save the argument) amirite?

It's common, but perhaps not what you'd think of as "natural"

Bongs are music Instruments. amirite?

Bongos perhaps?

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?
@Whatupmyman6 A actual dark mode, speed improvements, and a bunch of other crap

I would be excited but I switched to Android. It's interesting to see what they come out with nonetheless

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?
The Good Charlotte song, "The Anthem", has helped shaped urinal etiquette for a generation of young men. amirite?

Just a reminder of the lyrics:
Shake it once that's fine. Shake it twice that's okay. Shake it three times you're playing with yourself.

The sincerest form of betrayal is ordering French fries and receiving sweet potato fries. amirite

No way. Sweet potato fries are better than regular fries

This generation is more likely to study harder if "F"s are changed to "L"s on scorecards, amirite?
@Mrbuddyrebel32 F stands for Fail while L stands for Loss. It's kind of a slang to say L to people who lose at something, most...

It's also slang to say "F" to people who lose at something. It's from "press F to pay respects" in a game but I'm sure which game.
So the same logic also says we should keep Fs

Whenever you say male-female equality or female-male equality you're putting one gender before the other. amirite?

Most people just say "gender equality"

You loved the Forky character in the new Toy Story movie, amirite?

His "trash" lines were the best part of the whole film!