If someday we all go to prison for downloading music illegally, you hope they split us up by music genre, amirite?

And then in the Indie section would be all the hipsters.
"I've been in here much longer than you guys have. Posers. "

You hate those artist who think they need to put their name in the lyrics of every single one of their songs, amirite?

It's because their songs all sound the same, so they need to help the listeners understand which song they're listening to.

For a kids show, Spongebob uses some pretty big and complicated words, amirite?

Like "claustrophobic".

It's weird how in school, guys always carry their books down by their side, and girls usually carry them kind of up against their chest, amirite?

I read this in a book once. It had an interesting theory about how girls tend to cradle their books in their arms, as if holding a baby, while guys keep their books by their side because they don't have as much
of a nurturing instinct as the females.

You get irritated when you can't lift only one eyebrow, when apparently EVERYONE in books can, amirite?

I can! Does this mean I'm going to be in a book?! raises an eyebrow

You can tell if someone's homeschooled, amirite?

Adding to the comments in defense of homeschoolers, most of them aren't as backwards and unsociable as people might think. Many of my friends are homeschooled, and they're popular, smart, and friendly, with attractive personalities. I respect them because they tend to be deeper, more interesting individuals overall.

Although, as with any group of people, you do occasionally run into some weirdos . :P

You've never cried while reading a book. amirite?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Sometimes you would enjoy having class outside when it's nice out, amirite?

What's up with OP's username? O_o

It sucks when you forget your name because you memorized everything about fine dining, amirite?



Europeans: you don't differentiate between Canada and the US; they seem pretty much the same to you, amirite?

But...that's like saying England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are pretty much the same.

You can tell if someone's homeschooled, amirite?

Hey, I'm a cool person ;D

Don't wear a cross on your chest if you won't bear one on your back, amirite?

This is actually really deep...

Whilst having a conversation with someone, it would be kinda funny to use hand movements that have nothing to do with the situation. amirite?

On another note, did you see Rebecca Black's music video? MY HAND IS A DOLPHIN

We all know a janitor by the name of Mario. amirite?

You mean, plumber?