If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?
Guys should man up and stop asking girls out on Facebook or MSN, amirite?

Girls should woman up and start asking guys out,amirite?

Nothing's wrong with screamo music. In fact, it's quite under-appreciated. Amirite?

More like, its shit, amirite?

people on here are so much nicer than MLIA, amirite?

Everyone hates each other, its a trap.

If your a guy, and a girl tells you that she was raped last weekend... You wouldn't know what to say to her, amirite?

"So how did it felt"

People with Pokemon Black and/or White: It's so frustrating when you see the moving grass or whatever, but right as you get close to it, another Pokemon attacks, amirite?

RUh-Ruh-ruh repel.

These will all become classic posts that we'll look back on, read, and chuckle at nostalgically sometime in the far future, amirite?

Amerifags would read that as May 11th, but since I'm so open minded I read that as November 5th.

Real men don't use emoticons, amirite?

I thought you said emotions. If it was emotions I would have agreed.

Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?
Studying for exams is pointless, if i dont know it right now a week before exams, im not gonna learn it, amirite?

Good thinking, I hope you enjoy working at McDonalds.

You can't wait to go to college so you can finally be allowed to chew gum in class, amirite?


If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?

You have no idea how long that took me to get that ;_;

Girls: When a guy who smells really good hugs you, it just becomes nearly impossible for you to let him go. amirite?

It's the same thing when a girl smells good too.

True story: on my Latin final exam, the answer to 69 was "to come." They soooooo did this on purpose, amirite?
You have wondered who the creator of this site was, amirite?

Who is this Anthony they speak of?