Why would anyone have sex with a slut? They definately have a few STD's. amirite?

Because they'll have sex with you.

What are your opinions on extra-curricular activities?

This is such an ambiguous question.

You shoul never judge a product by its commercial, amirite?

I never do. If a commercial interests me, I always look at reviews before I buy it.

Think you might be pregnant? It's always best to check out a few symptoms before you buy a pregnancy test or two. Amirite?

Well, duh. No one randomly takes a pregnancy test unless they think they have the symptoms, or are trying to get pregnant.

You know Adele is talented when she doesn't have to be a skinny twig sex symbol to become famous, amirite?

I had to disagree with this because practically every comment on her YouTube videos is this post. She's a great singer, but seriously, can't everyone just get over her weight?

In a group of siblings, there are seven sisters, and each sister has one brother. How many siblings are there in total?
Is it okay to judge people according to their physical Appearance ?

It's okay. For the most part, you have control over your physical appearance. Therefore, you have the power to control how you want others to perceive you. You can't dress like a homeless person and then get mad when people assume that you're a homeless person.

However, you should still have an open mind and a willingness to get to know a person, regardless of your initial judgement.

What would it take to make sign language is a universal language?

I don't think it will ever happen, and it doesn't need to happen anyway. A Japanese person who speaks only Japanese doesn't understand an American who only speaks English, and vice versa. Nothing is wrong with this, so why does their need to be a universal sign language?

You shouldn't have to wash the dishes you had nothing to do with, like the frying pan or collanders, amirite?

It really isn't that hard to wash those things, and by eating from what came from the pan or colander, you do have something to do with them.

You don't agree with using downvotes as a punishment. Amirite? For example, downvoting because you don't like the post or because the post is obvious.

If I dislike the idea of a post, if I vote on it at all, I'll downvote it. For example, a post that says, "You are using amirite right now, amirite?" is ridiculously obvious, not any form of an opinion, and doesn't belong on this site. Amirite is not about upvotes and downvotes, so I really hate it when people make posts solely for the purpose of getting most people to agree.

Wheat bread is not as bad as you thought it was as a child, amirite?

I actually prefer it now.

Tonight [9-10-13], a Democratic President will try his best to convince Congress and an entire country, that going to war and striking a country that has done nothing to America, is the RIGHT thing to do. Amirite?

I'm not getting involved in the rest of this debate, but Don't Ask, Don't Tell was a bad thing because this policy made it clear that being any sexual orientation other than straight was a bad thing. If it's viewed as something bad, it isn't far-fetched to assume that being gay in the military will cause you to be disriminated against. I'm not sure what your personal opinion on LGBT rights are in this case, so maybe you don't see that as a problem, but I don't think the government is interested in supporting discrimination in any way, especially in a way that is covered under the ENDA.

Too much drama is just disgusting sometimes!! STOP BEING DRAMATIC YOU PIECE OF S&@#, amirite?!

This is a pretty dramatic post.

It's interesting going through your posts and seeing how differently you posted in the during different phases of your life. The sweet stuff you posted when you feel in love, the depressing stuff when you broke up. How your political, social or religious may have changed over the years. You can almost map out how you've changed as as a person just be going through your own posts, amirite?

One thing that I've noticed is that I use commas a lot. I don't post often enough to see too many trends though.

People should try to choose an opinion at least once a day, so that they don't become passive and afraid of stating their opinions, amirite?
@fuzala I'm not sure what you mean I started campaigning long after I joined amirite

Now that I think about it, you're probably right, which is good for the future president of the world y smilie