People should try to choose an opinion at least once a day, so that they don't become passive and afraid of stating their opinions, amirite?
The fathers should have to agree to abortions in addition to the mother, amirite?

Everyone seems to be ignoring the biggest factor in having a baby. No matter who is or isn't involved, the mother is the person who will be in searing pain at the end of the pregnancy.

It would be awesome to take a foreign language class while already being fluent in that language, amirite?

In my high school, they had Spanish for Spanish speakers. My friend, who's Puerto Rican, said it was actually kind of difficult, because they had to learn proper grammar and spelling even though they could speak the language.

Now for iTunes to totally exploit Whitney Houston's death, amirite?
There's a lot of suspense leading up to Christmas but after like noon its kinda boring, amirite?

Usually around that time you're just sitting around waiting for the food to be ready anyway.

You can't remember when you first started to solve for x, amirite?
@Juliaface Algebra..

Well obviously, but I'm pretty sure I didn't first start solving for x in 8th grade, when I first started Algebra. I have no idea what the actual grade is that I started it.

It's stupid when places try to ban "I heart boobies" bracelets, amirite?
It isn't fair that some people have to work for all they get, but others get it handed to them by "Mommy and Daddy", amirite?
@Lolita Life isn't fair.

Life isn't fair, and this situation isn't fair either.

Is being Rich Good?

It's definitely easier than living in poverty.

When I was a kid I swallowed chewing gum. My mum freaked out and told me to eat apple quickly to dissolve it. I now realise she just made me eat an apple. Mums are fucking geniuses, amirite?
@mstarmach It's bad but isn't serious. And apple doesn't dissolve it

True, but some parents tend to freak out over every potentially dangerous thing that their young kids do, so maybe she genuinely thought that would help because she was so freaked out.

Then again, I don't know your mom, so there's probably a large chance that she just wanted you to eat an apple.

Being spontaneous and emotional does you no good... do you agree?

It does do some good. Life is full of risks, and you're not living if you never take them. However, being constantly spontaneous and emotional can often lead to poor decisions.

Unless you support yourself independently, it feels uncomfortable being called a man or woman, amirite?

That's like saying that a married couple isn't made up of a man and a woman.

We've all decided that when we are living on our own, one thing we wish to do is prepare a whole batter of cookie dough and eat it, without baking it. amirite?
@_pi_ I'm sure I never planned that. And, living on my own, I've never done it. As a side note, posts like these, and how...

I planned to do that, but now that I'm in college, I really don't think I will. I'd rather just bake cookies.

Racial stereotypes are wrong, amirite?
@fuzala yeah, I sorta figured that part I added a second question by the way

I just read your entire comment again. I don't think I can disagree with anything. I think that I just skimmed it before, but I didn't want to generalize.

Which reminds me, why did you disagree with the comment that you replied to? I may have read it wrong, (I'm kind of tired) but I don't understand what you disagreed with.

You never found out the deal about airline food. amirite?
@Jennitalia Airline food is awesome.

I know! I got a twix bar the last time I was on a plane, and the dinner was pretty good.