No one gets bumfluff, so why do we have the word? its just silly, amirite?
Teachers have this weird idea that if they yell at us, we will listen, when really, we listen to teachers that are chill, amirite?

Seriously. Every time that a teacher yells in class, I have an almost uncontrollable desire to laugh.

When a stranger compliments you, it gives you an odd sense of happiness; they can't be lying, because they don't even know you, amirite?
@Actually, they could be lying because they don't even know you.

But if they didn't think you were beautiful, why would they waste their breath saying so? They could easily have continued on with their life without saying a word.

LMFAO Shouldn't be sorry for party rocking, whatever that is. They should be sorry for their stupid music, amirite?

I actually don't mind their party music all that much, but the song "Sorry for Party Rocking" really gets on my nerves. They sound absolutely horrible on that song.

Every school has that kid with the Justin Bieber hair, amirite?
Drugs shouldn't be illegal, it's a person's choice whether they're going to take it and damage themselves or not, amirite?

What I've always thought about is the fact that the government would probably make these drugs expensive. That means people will still be getting killed over drugs because people will be selling it cheaper on the streets than at the stores, and drug abusers can get as much as they want with no questions asked.

The only practical application for cursive is writing your signature, amirite?

You also write faster in cursive.

It's pretty disgusting that the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant got slammed because she's Indian. Amirite?
@fuzala why do you even bother going anonymous anymore?

What do you mean? I've always been under the impression that AmericaFuckYeah! is a collection of different people who just use the name when appropriate.

And I think they probably went anonymous because that is not a comment that someone would be proud of.

It's awkward when you walk into a store, an employee assists you, but you leave without buying anything, amirite?

It's worse when you know that you weren't planning on buying anything.

Imagine if Facebook captured our thoughts...suddenly it would be reporting things like "Person A just thought that Person B would look better with a paperbag over their face" or even... "Person X just creeped through all of Person Z's 459 Hawaii trip pictures... and is LOVIN' it!", Amirite?

If this happened I would have no friends and probably a lot of enemies

It isn't fair that some people have to work for all they get, but others get it handed to them by "Mommy and Daddy", amirite?
@Lolita Life isn't fair.

So why did you disagree?

Despite usually being more expensive, you like the taste/texture of individually wrapped cheese slices better than a bunch of cheese slices in one wrapping.

I've found that the cheese that isn't individually wrapped is more expensive, because it's more likely to be real cheese.


Apparently the amirite? ending is optional, so it won't be automatically added to the end of posts anymore.

Difference between fat & curvy, amirite?

Why are they not wearing pants?

I don't understand why Kate Middleton can show her child a couple of days after being born but, Nobody Kim Kardashian won't show a picture much less talk about her child?

Is it weird that I genuinely didn't believe that Kate Middleton was pregnant? Not because I thought she was a liar or anything, but because I literally only heard about her pregnancy from the covers of trashy magazines at the grocery store, and I automatically believe that anything I see on those magazines to be a lie.

Because I doubted her entire pregnancy, I still barely believe that she has a child, despite hearing about her child from slightly more credible sources. I'm not even sure why I care though.