If you could choose one thing to ensure we achieve in the next 10 years what would it be?
@Montana female shirts that don't dig into the wearer's underarms

how about female pants with suitable pockets?

I know about pants that look like they have pockets for "design"
why not have them there for use too d smilie

pockets that are deep enough so the stuff doesn't fall out

I can't stand purses because they're an inconvenience

In a group of siblings, there are seven sisters, and each sister has one brother. How many siblings are there in total?
@rilara You can open posts in a new tab! You have to right click on the comment icon though.

Thank you rilara! You have no idea how happy you just made me.

I used to be able to right click anywhere on the post and open in a new tab. That went away and found it wildly frustrating to the point that I basically stopped living at Amirite because it was so cumbersome.

You have brought me much joy and relief with this insight. I cannot tell you how happy I am.

wear slippers after 10:00 PM

I'd live life on the edge hello smilie

There's a big difference between "fasting" and "fast food", amirite?

In some way
in both cases
You're not eating food wary smilie

You like penises like you like your pizza: 12 inches long, in your mouth, and covered with cheese, amirite?

I'm straight and I'm a guy, so yes.

Your first kiss was not at all what you expected. The movies make it seem so idealistic and romantic but in reality it kind of feels like your face is being consumed, amirite?

First ever was an accident..some guy saw the back of my head in the hallway, mistook me for his girlfriend, then really fast spun me around and attacked my face with his face
Still to this day have no fuckin clue who it was, he just shouted "OH SHIT BALLS YOU'RE NOT HER" and ran the other way

You wonder what would happen if you watched the video from the Ring and you weren't near a phone, amirite?

whenever authors describe someone’s skin as being “milky white” it always makes me want to read a book where someone’s skin is described as being, “chocolate milky brown.” in fact i want everything described to me in terms of milk. “it was cold. cold like a cold glass of milk.”
“the floor was wet, like someone had just spilled milk all over it.”
“it looked like a glass of milk, because it was.”

Online, if you're in a chat or something and you say you're from the United States, you're probably gonna get hated on... amirite?

Perhaps, you should refrain from using phrases like 'hated on'

Ahh, stereotypes are fun.
rides lion into the sunset

Dreams are nothing more than a subconscious pit that we dump our insanity into so we can wake up ready to eat cereal instead of the neighbor's children. amirite?

None of my neighbors have children...


Girls: When you're reading a book with a funny, sweet, smart, sexy, or otherwise amazing male character, you find yourself wishing that he'd just leap out from the pages and propose, amirite?

cough Etienne St. Clair cough, cough

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You feel really proud when you can see and understand the hidden message in abstract art, amirite?

I had to zoom in but I see what you hid there.

Apple could sell air and people would buy it, amirite?

Every Apple product ever:
(You're going to have to click on it to read the text.)

Mad Libs are more fun if you have a big vocabulary, amirite?

Or if you have a tiny vocabulary.

"The penis walked into the penis room late at night while wearing a penis colored penis and found a penis inside of the boobs. 'PENIS!' he exclaimed as he penised his way out of there."