At most high school and college "Saturday night parties," most of the partying happens after midnight. But it would be just weird if we started calling them "Sunday morning parties." Sounds like old ladies having a tea party with their cats and bingo buddies, amirite?

Lots of tea bagging going on at the granny parties.

Kanye West must be pretty annoying to have sex with, amirite?

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

Rule #34 pretty much killed your childhood, amirite?


November nineteenth might possibly be the most important day of our lives. amirite?


When I was your age, Carly was Megan, Spencer was Crazy Steve, Handy Manny was Fez, Selena Gomez was on Barney, Josh was fat, and Miley Cyrus was a good person. amirite?
Girls: It's annoying when we are horny because we soak practically through our clothes, amirite?

Guys: It's annoying when we are horny because we have a fucking erection.

You feel like librarians judge you based on your book choices, amirite?

We play a fun game in our library: pick out the two books that will make the librarians second guess you. Like the Date Rape book and the Murder book.

They should make a Big Brother video game, amirite?


Billy Mays should have been the spokesperson for the cleaning detergent "Shout", amirite?
You have a secret Hitler fetish, amirite?


Everything tastes better with sugar! Amirite?

Hmm. I'll have to try some sugar on my dead babies next time.

Unknowns are terrifying, amirite?

That was the point. Same post, different context. This is a reference to Pokemon, where the previous one had no Pokemon intent.

Butterflies are just gay moths, amirite?

Like how dolphins are just gay sharks.

It would suck to be allergic to latex, then you couldnt use the scientific gloves. Or blow them up like your friends do, amirite?

or condoms

It's pretty weird when you see a post that has more comments than votes. amirite?