It's sad when you realize that you don't enjoy some of the things you enjoyed the most as a kid. That's why you constantly have to try new things, to that there's a balance of old things you enjoy, and new things that eventually replace some of them, Amirite?

Constantly trying new thing is one of the most exciting things you can do in life, surely?

Bankers are getting a lot of flack at the moment. Everyone's moaning about their 'remuneration' - I don't hear any moans about what the union chiefs, soccer players, pop stars, sports chiefs (like Sepp Blatter & Bernie Eccleston) get. There are blinkers on peoples eyes. amirite?

Union Chiefs you've arguably got a point, but the reason people aren't mad at the wages Ecclestone and Blatter get is that they aren't responsible for one of the world's most comprehensive financial collapses in history.

Now Music should start making there CDs with songs that are actually good, not just the popular songs.

Because that would make commerical sense.

You despise people who are only voting for Romeny so they don't have to vote for Obama,

There's probably just as many, if not more, people voting for Obama so they don't have to vote for Romney - you probably just don't mind it as much because you're a democrat, or have leftist leanings.

Ultimately, this is the problem with 2 party politics.

You want to be famous not really for the writing/singing/acting/whatever part, but mainly for you to be able to talk about yourself and share your now important opinions for the world to hear.

Also known as 'The Bono Conundrum'

"Oh, wow, look at that, this amazing political campaign ad/flyer has totally changed my opinion of this candidate!" said no one ever, amirite?

I think you're underestimating the stupidity of undecided voters when it comes to politics

If high school is the best years of your life, then you're doing it wrong.

It's generally meant to mean that for the overwhelming majority of people, the worries, challenges and stresses of high school are absolutely nothing compared those of adult life. At least that's how I take it!

It's pretty pathetic and somewhat tragic how upset people are getting over the moderating of a small, free website, amirite?

This is rather what I mean. It doesn't matter what your biggest complaint is; it's stilll totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things

In spite of all the good intentions and all the lip-service, everyone is prejudiced to some degree against others, whether it be race, creed or religion

I think humans are basically just hardwired for this, if I'm honest. At the moment, Hurricane Sandy is getting massive coverage in the UK cause it could hit the US eastern seaboard; yet earlier in the year massive floods in Thailand, Bangladesh and landslides in Brazil that affected many millions more had hardly any coverage.

I think it's because you naturally have more empathy with people from a similar background, which I guess you could define as a form of prejudice against others..

If you think about it... saying any form of blessing after a sneeze just doesn't make sense logically. amirite?

The apocryphal story has it that people started saying 'bless you' when people sneezed during the black plague, cause a sneeze was a sure sign you were probably going to get ill and die.

Sometimes you can feel ecstatic and be bursting with joy, but then you feel like the world has dropped you on your head, amirite?

A condition generally know as 'bipolar disorder' :D :(

Boys are really hard-headed, amirite?

I'm disagreeing with this just to be stubborn!

You're not sure how the Aurora shooting should be handled. On one hand, extra security would ease the minds of moviegoers, but on the other hand, you realize that once it starts, it's not going to stop. You can't help but imagine how life would be if we were searched before stepping foot into any establishment. We should all be and feel as safe as possible, but one man shouldn't alter the way we function. amirite?

How about more stringent gun laws? Seems fairly obvious to me.

It's incredibly surprising and upsetting that the Gordy family can go from Motown to Sexy And I Know It, amirite?

Surprising? Yeah. Upsetting? Hell no!

Queen are better in every aspect than The Beatles, amirite?

Both are hugely talented bands, and individually Queen were probably more musically talented the Beatles, but I wouldn't say they're better in every aspect. No way.