It would have been a really boring and suspenseful job being the death eaters that had to monitor the world for mentions of Voldemort's name in the 7th book. "Vol-" "Hey, I think we've got something!" "-canoes" "Ah shit, never mind." amirite?

I read that as canoe, like the thing that floats. I was going to say WTF is a vol-canoe!?!

"Only got an iPad, 2 pairs of Toms, iPhone4, 3 Vera Bradley bags, and a new camera ): worst. christmas. ever." Oh my. What a TERRIBLE Christmas you've had, amirite?

You mean you didn't get a new Mac? Your parents must hate you!

Everything is a 50-50 chance. Either you will win the lottery, or you'll lose. 50-50. amirite?

There's a 50-50 chance that I, a 16-year-old girl, am actually Barack Obama.

You've had an inside joke with just yourself. amirite?

Those are the best.

Girls: It's incredibly unfortunate when an extremely HOT guy has a nerdy name, amirite?
It's scary to think, that there are still Nazi's and KKK members out there. amirite?

I was at McDonald's with my boyfriend (who's black) and we saw a guy with homemade swastika and "KKK" tattoos. It was quite unsettling.

Black people: You like watermelon and fried chicken. Everyone else: You like watermelon and fried chicken. amirite?

I know a black guy allergic to watermelon. Crazy, amirite?

There's always that one really freaky girl in your grade who's obsessed with horses, amirite?
@reeree Don't forget about the crazy cat lady to be.

I was just going to mention that. There is this girl who wears a headband with cat ears and has a purse that looks like a stuffed animal cat, except it's a purse.

you wish you had someone to kiss this new years, amirite?

Forever alone.

Curl up and dye: coolest salon name, amirite?

"I'm going to Curl Up And Dye! See ya later!"

you really cant describe the flavor of milk, amirite?
It's perfectly okay for someone to enjoy both rock and pop, amirite?

At first, being me, I didn't get this was about music. I thought you were talking about Pop Rocks. Haha. Wow. I do agree though.

You wonder after that one episode of Full House if Danny ever found the hole in the wall, amirite?
@Blue_Cheese Probably not... He just kept on singin' the dad song.

"He's our dad and he's got a really clean room. And it gets that way with a mop and a broom. Dad, dad, dad..."

Fellas, if she doesn't kiss you by the 4th date she's only in it for the free food. amirite?

Or she wants you to kiss her first.

No matter what movie Paul Rudd is in, he will always be Mike from Friends, amirite?

Or "Crap Bag". :) Haha.