Bad decisions soon become good memories. Amirite?
Bad decisions soon become good memories. Amirite?
No matter how bad you are at math, every one is still equal, amirite?

That's what she said

Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
Sometimes you wonder whether animals cry right before they are butchered, amirite?

Thanks, Schrute.

It wouldn't be that surprising if aliens accused the Korean language of plagiarising their crop circles, amirite?
@Blucatt Potd AND homepage in the same day.

Someone find me some peanut butter, because it sounds like somebody is jelly.

It's ridiculous to pay upwards of 400 dollars for a cell phone, even if it is an iPhone, amirite?

This is where I will disagree with you. With $400 dollars, you are obviously talking about the iphone. But not just any Iphone, the 64 GB version of the iphone. With this much space, one can transform the iphone into an incredible device. A device that can store thousands of songs, a few movies, countless pictures, countless apps, and countless podcasts... All on your cell phone. At 400 dollars, the iphone isnt just your cell phone, it is also your ipod, your picturebook, your portable dvd player, your gps, your calendar, your alarm clock, your web-browsing device, your video-call device, your grocery list, and your camera... All wrapped into a sleek piece of technology.

It's annoying when a teacher is going over the answers after a test and is like "The answer to 12 is 'C'......." and then they wait like 5 minutes before saying the next answer. What are they waiting for? For us to remember what a C looks like? amirite?


If by "haters gonna hate" you mean, "intelligent people are going to be annoyed by your stupidity and ignorance", then yes- haters gonna hate. amirite?
The worst place to crash would be in the middle of the highway or a busy intersection. Too many cars could crush you while you're sleeping, amirite?
In movies/shows, nobody ever goes to the bathroom unless its a big part in the story, amirite?
@StacytheHarlot And apparently in action movies they never need to eat unless it's to mull something over, and even then they take...

i'm not paying $10 to see an action movie that consists of watching the actors eat to be more realistic. if you want food scenes watch ratatouillie.

guy on guy action is sexy! amirite?
@that's disgusting... Ugh... Jk! it's freakin hot!

that comment had quite the turn of events

Peace on Earth is achievable, amirite?
Peace on Earth is achievable, amirite?
@lana Maybe after all of us are dead

We said when the world was in peace, not in pieces.

Peace on Earth is achievable, amirite?