If aliens really wanted to take over the Earth, they wouldn't need to come down and laser-nuke all the major cities. They wouldn't have to replace the most powerful leaders or disable all our militaries. All they'd need to do is sow seeds of discord until we were too weak to face them, and then waltz into power. It's a good thing we all get along or else we might just be destroyed, amirite?
@Bigblue And yet another thing to add to my list of paranoia.

This is my paranoia: you know how some stars are really giant? and some planets on said stars must be really giant? well somewhere, there's some ancient alien race that is just MASSIVE, like one alien is as large as a skyscraper, and they're ships are so huge that if they were to go through earth, it would just crush it- think bug on a windshield. call me stupid, but let's be honest: we don't know shit about what's out there.

Fuck Boy Scouts. Instead there should be MAN SCOUTS! Activities include tying knots WITH A PYTHON, pitching a tent MADE OF LATEX AND CYANIDE, and earning merit badges and pinning them to YOUR BARE NAKED, HAIRY TORSO. Girl scouts have cookies? That's cool. We've got SMOKED KRAKEN ON A STICK! Amirite?
The ugly couples in the hallways are getting out of hand. amirite?
It's ridiculously annoying that the word amirite appears at the end of every post. amirite?
You cut off some blonde chick on the road one day. A year later: Taylor Swifts new single "Some Idiot Cut Me Off", amirite?
@YourFATHER i love how it's anonymous so one day Taylor Swift can't write a song called "Some douche bag dissed me on teh internets"

"it was some anonymous guy.. and he really made me cry!
it made me think if i see him again he's gonna diieee,
I know his momma aint raise him like that,
i know he just aint like that,
and i know it's nothing to get upset,
but some douche dissed me on teh internets!"

your mind was blown when you realised the word 'bed' actually looks like a bed, but your head exploded when you realised the word 'letters' actually look like letters. amirite?
@Predy XD

look at this emote with your head tilted to the right. it looks like a stickman with a briefcase for a head

Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!
@Disparaging That little bitch was all up on our ranch!

I was like, get your own ranch! or, if you prefer, thousand island...

Love is like two people holding a rubber band. They pull, then when one person let's go, it's the person who held on that gets hurt, amirite?
If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. If you give a teenage boy a marker, he will draw a penis. Amirite?
@528491 Most teenagers would do that, not just boys

i guess you're right. you don't see girls saying "can i have your marker?" "yeah" draws vertical line "what's that?" "a vagina"

Getting married to have sex is like getting on an airplane to have peanuts, amirite?
Just because you attract a lot of nasty skanks does not mean you're a stud. It means that your own kind recognizes you. amirite?

that's a whorrible thing to call a woman.

Girls: it sucks when you dress up all cute for the guy you like and then he's not in class, amirite?

haha, "all cute" = "what shirt makes my boobs look the best?"

Sometimes you sit in class and listen to the conversations around you and realize you are the smartest person in the room, amirite?

sometimes you sit and class and listen to the conversations around you and realize you are the most narcissistic person in the room, amirite?