Why the fuck is the symbol for money an S with lines through it? Amirite?

why the fuck do you mean 'why'? asia is HUGE. there are oriental, middle eastern and west asian cultures to consider. i assume you're talking about east asian language though. even then, all you have to do is listen for a bit and there are some clear differences. just because you're so ignorant doesn't mean we should decide that thousands of years of culture is 'wrong'.

There needs to be a male version of hooters with extrememly hot buff dudes, amirite?

i know what business i'm starting.

Santa is obviously Canadian... He wears red and white, and he's extremely nice to people for no reason, amirite?
@victoria312 wait...American's don't eat sliced ham?

they do, obviously. i just imagine canadians always eating sliced ham. probably because my aunt is canadian and her and all her neighbors and stuff always serve sliced ham at parties and stuff.

You hate when you're at a wedding, and the bride gets all drunk and sloppy. It's like, you're the bride, at least act like a lady, amirite?

She's the bride and it's hers and the grooms day. If she wants to get tanked, she can. IMO

Your hand is a dolphin, amirite?

Does anyone else not know what's going on?

Sometimes you just hate the fans more than the actual thing.
Girls: if there were a button you could press that would rid your body of all it's hair, you'd press it, amirite?
@rowanne Never got why girls are so obsessed with being hairless. Seriously, it's just body hair. It's natural and most...

Again- I don't think natural things (like body odor) are something to be 'ashamed' of, but I am conscious of them- I honestly don't sweat that much, but if need be I use deodorant.

We all know that one guy whose so stupid he can't count to 21 unless he's naked. amirite?

win. just.. win.

For all we know we could be in a Sims game right now, amirite?

mind. fuck.

There are some people whose names don't sound right unless you say their full name, amirite?

I think it's just famous personalities that this applies to. I've never met/heard of an average person being addressed by their full name regularly.

The only fail thing Google has ever done is mess up Youtube, amirite?

how did they mess up youtube?

You can't legislate morality. That's why prohibition didn't work and that's why abortion will never be made illegal. People should be able to choose what they want to do, that is the definition of freedom, amirite?

Yeah the problem here is that you failed to clarify that people are allowed to do what they want as long as it does not impede upon the rights of others, as pikabeau said. And some people believe that a fetus Is a living that has rights that they are trying to protect. I don't agree with the idea really, but a case can certainly be made for it.

It seems odd that black guys don't have black jizz, amirite?