sex before marriage is WRONG, no matter what society pressures us to believe, amirite?
@awesomeperson Condoms can break, and some people, believe it or not, don't use them. If someone has a genital wart, the condom...

are you fucking serious? you can DEFINITELY have sex before marriage and be happy about it. sure, condoms break, people get pregnant, there are STDs, but believe it or not, it's actually possible to have premarital sex and the only consequence is....wait for it.... you orgasm.

crazy stuff, i know.

Taste is sort of a useless sense, amirite?

But food is delicious

It's wierd watching a movie and seeing an actor that has died... yet they are still right there at the same time. (ex: The Dark Night, The Parent Trap) amirite?
@xox_Carolinafm_xox who died from the parent trap?

natasha richardson- she played the mum. it was from a head injury she sustained after a skiing accident. :/

Tia didn't do it; I did, amirite?

90's sitcoms ftw <3

Everyone makes fun of Justin Bieber for having a high voice when he's 16 but Michael Jackson had a high voice his whole life and nobody cared, amirite?
@Yeah, Chris Brown is really a fan favorite, especially among women.

actually, despite his domestic violence charges, he's still been quite successful. he has hits (no pun intended) coming out all the time, people still attend his concerts, and for the most part, people really haven't stopped liking him as a musician.

People who saw HP at midnight: You have never seen a movie theater that crowded, amirite?
@ConnorNoonan It was pathetic. Not one scene was even remotely correct. They changed shit for no reason. And people are still...

I agree wholeheartedly. It was a huge letdown especially after all the hype. Anyone who has read the book probably wouldn't have liked the movie that much.

It's disgusting when men have really long fingernails, amirite?

It's kind of gross when ANYONE has really long fingernails imo.. unless you maintain them well and clean under them a lot they're just gonna be collecting dirt and bacteria.

We all know that one guy whose so stupid he can't count to 21 unless he's naked. amirite?
@"Who's" would've worked too... one should always make sure their post doesn't make them look stupid, when the point...

i realize my mistake; unfortunately i couldn't edit it in time. you should be focusing on the joke, not the spelling or grammar, unless it's extremely horrible.

If all the world were to be rid of stupid people (I don't mean to offend), there will only be woman on the planet. amirite?

..isn't it supposed to be 'women'?
oh, irony. you strike again.

There are so many cool flavors of vodka now, amirite?
@Skr3wBall The black one all the way to the side.

This is actually just a vodka lynch mob.

The only fail thing Google has ever done is mess up Youtube, amirite?
@adam ad's up the booty and its way slower now

oh the ads. like how people complain about vevo?
yeah, but the way i see it is, vevo/youtube/google are providing us with free entertainment. we can watch music videos, vlogs, films, etc. etc. for free, so they have a right to put up ads because how else would they make money? people should just be happy they have access to all this stuff without having to pay.

It's sad that Disney used to have quality shows like Boy Meets World, but now all they have is Hannah Montana, amirite?

Hannah Montana actually isn't some horrid show every anti-pop culture kid makes it out to be. I mean really. Not to mention it hardly ever airs anymore.

It's annoying when fat girls say that they're just "real women". Does that make me not real? Because I'm pretty sure I exist, amirite?
@But is your presence felt the same way? I think not!

Lol, oh shit. My bad :/ Although, I stand by what I said for anyone who genuinely thinks that.

If we went to the bathroom outside, like dogs, we would save a lot of money, amirite?

There's too many humans for that to work- it would be overwhelming to the environment. Plus, back in the older days when had outhouses with big holes in the ground under them, the waste would sink into the ground and seep into their water system making many sick.

It's annoying when people say that homophobes only hate gays because they're secretly gay themselves. The vast majority of homophobes hate gays because of either their religious beliefs or because they look upon gay sex with disgust. If someone fears Muslims, everyone knows it's because Muslims are stereotyped to be extremists. No one suspects that they fear Muslims because they secretly worship Allah and they fear being near a fellow Muslim will somehow surface their religious beliefs, amirite?

Fun fact of the day: 'allah' simply means god in Arabic.. It doesn't mean a Muslim specific God.. In fact all the abrahamic religions (Christians, Muslims, Jews) believe in the same basic god, their differences lie in that they all have some different fundamental beliefs and values ( though they're pretty similar) and different beliefs about HOW God came to be as well as the prophets.

Tldr; Allah means god in Arabic despite what religion you are referring too. Stop encouraging misconceptions.