This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
@They only go above ground so they won't drown underground.

We already know that worms come up so they won't drown. This is simply a funny post; don't ruin it . . .

They should make a class where the stuff you buy for class is useful outside of school. Like if there was a texting class you would have to have a phone, and in the you could take quizzes on text words and text each other in and outside of class. This would also be useful when you got a text in class you could say "Oh, it's for a project in texting class," amirite?

This makes me fear for the future of our generation . . .

Kids in math problems have way too much time on their hands. Like seriously Avi? You're going to calculate the angle at which you need to ride your bike to get to Market Street? Get a girlfriend or something. amirite?

Or they don't have enough time...that's where we come in. We're Avi and Jessica and Jao Sun's personal problem-solvers!


The saying "respect your elders" refers to the idea that kids shouldn't be brats. It's an on-the-surface thing. What you're talking about is entirely different.

It would be really awkward to correct a Jewish person's grammar, amirite?
Instead of doing real life dissections on poor innocent animals, students should do a virtual dissection on the animal instead. That way, they can learn the same terminology, plus it would be less sad, amirite?
@myprofile I dissected a cat once. Fuck computer simulations, its just not the same experience.

Exactly. You don't learn the material as well, and you don't get to see what the organs actually look like.

Cross Country is the only real sport. Baseball= you stand there. Football= studies suggest that players only play for only like 5 minutes, the rest of the time your in the huddle, and basketball= you do run, but for like a minute and you get a sub. Cross, no sub's no time out's and no breaks= man's sport. amirite?
When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for. amirite?
It's amazing how we naturally know how tight we need to grip something in order to keep it in our grasp, amirite?

Isn't the brain amazing?

"no, you can't just text your mom and have her pick you up if you don't feel well. First you have to get a hall pass from your teacher, then go to the nurse, have your temperature taken, then have the nurse fill out a form about your illness, then call for a ride home from the nurse's phone, and then have the front office sign off on it."
And by then I could already be at home sleeping.

You hate it when someone is typing "hahaha" but they end with an h ("hahahah") instead of an a, amirite?

Sounds more like a real laugh that way! Hahah!

how high does the sycamore grow? if you cut it down, you'll never know, amirite?

And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon . . .

The female characters on Kim Possible should invest in a bra, amirite?

One bra, for all of them.

All the kids in textbooks are really ugly, amirite?

And they have really weird names. . . .

women should be allowed to breast feed their babies in public without being harassed, amirite?

Often, mothers are so discreet that I don't even realize they're breastfeeding. I had a conversation with a lady on a plane before and I thought she was just holding the baby while it slept under a blanket. Nope, she was breastfeeding!