"Don't tell me to reach for the stars when there are footprints on the moon" ...pretty sure the moon's closer than any star out there. Jussayin'. amirite?

I almost said "Ah ha! I got you! The sun is closer!" then I realized that I'm really tired, and that that's wrong. Very very very wrong... And that I'm stupid.

The terms "pro life" and "pro choice" are ridiculous, you'd have to be suicidal to not be pro life and who really doesn't want choice? They're just stupid euphemisms to make each side sound better, amirite?

Pro oppression and pro baby killing. Somehow those sound worse.

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There may be no "I" in "team", but there's also no "us" or "we." It seems like coaches should spend less time figuring out which one syllable words aren't in "team" and more time thinking up better motivational speeches, amirite?

There is no I in team but there are three in narcissistic and they are all quite handsome.

You have at least one thing that you compulsively buy more of all the time, amirite?


You've wondered what you would do if you were about to get killed by a murderer, amirite?

I think about this everytime I see a spider.

Although I know there are legitimate and serious cases where a woman rapes a man, it's a little difficult to imagine that scenario. Do they just wait until the man gets a random boner and mount him or something? Because that could result in some pretty awkward situations. "Aha yes! I see a bulge in his pants! It's time to put my devious plans into motion!" "Oh hey Jennifer whats...what...wait what the fuck are you doing!?!" "Huh...must have been your phone. Shit. Well I'm gonna leave the country, amirite?