When you cross the road just before the little man turns green, you feel like quite the young radical, and half-expect that you'll look over and see some cool guy in a leather jacket nodding at you like "hey, we both don't conform to social pressures when it comes to safety, how rebellious we are", amirite?
Christians: CALM YO TITS. Atheists: CALM YO TITS. Amirite?
Masturbating at age 11 is normal, amirite?

Some say BonslyGuy is still masturbating to this very day.

@afterawhile You're probably from canada.

And you probably rode a BUS to school.
Unlike SOME people with majestic, furry and white companions.

If life is "like a box of chocolates", then where's the little diagram to show where the good stuff is? amirite?

If life is a box of chocolates I'm going to eat you all.

You just hate it when a girl is sitting on your lap and you get hard, amirite?

I love it when I'm sitting on a guy's lap and they get hard. It's flattering.

I do that all the time, although I can't do it on such a large scale.
I must agree, extremely amusing.
"Ma'am, you dropped this $5 bill."
"Well fuck, did I say you can touch my shit? Keep that, take this $20 and get the fuck away from me."

How was God created? I mean, he couldn't have just appeared out of nowhere. If that was possible, then isn't it possible that everything like galaxies and life on Earth just appeared out of nowhere?, amirite?
@PurpleKneeSox God didn't "appear". He is an eternal being; He always was and always will be; He has no beginning or end.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster didn't "appear". He is an eternal being; He always was and always will be; He has no beginning or end.

If someone is convicted of murder we should paper their cells with the victims picture so they have to see it everyday. We should also tattoo the victims name on their hands to remind them what their murderous hands have done, amirite?

Let's not try to rehabilite them or anything, fuck that shit.

Lesbians shud not be given any rights to adopt childrens. They have a vagina and they can make they're own babies with it. They just need to get off they're high horse and have sex with a men only once. Also if they dont want sex with a men they could have easily an insiminasion contrary to gay homosexuals, amirite?
@"Gay homosexuals" Really?

Duh, how else would you know if the homosexuals were straight or gay?1??1??

Girls: It's actually kind of amusing to tease guys, amirite?
Girls, you'd let a dog eat your pussy if it was really good at it, amirite?

DAFUQ did I just read?

Waking up to a massive spider with it's unholy demon spawn would scare the everloving shit out of you, amirite?

I believe he was introducing Seymour to his welcome, you see, it's rather fancy to word it like that actually. Much like a waiter saying, "Your caviar, sir."

With the way dupstep music is trending, it won't be long until every 14-year-old girl's facebook status is something like, "THRUGGGH BOOP-BOOP-BEEP-BOOP-BOOP-BEEP. WUB WUB WUB WUB WEEEHHHI HU HU HU HU boooboobooboobBEEEEEP!", amirite?

Why am I in the most retarded age demographic? Brb dying inside.

The guy who yells "My leg!" from Spongebob is named Fred Rechid, and is actually a janitor and cameraman. He also has two sons named Tommy and Monroe, a wife named Sadie, and an ex wife named Mable Monica. You never expected him to have a name and a life, amirite?

Shit just got real.