You love fan service, amirite?

Fan service is only good or enjoyable if you are a fan of what it is doing. A lot of fan service gets in the way of a good charter or story line. Plus fan services is only there to boost popularly. Its merely a win win for companies and fans.

What is something interesting about you? A fun fact, if you will.

I can copy how my cat meows and meow back at her, sounding just like her.

You've watched hentai before, amirite?

No many people actually watch hentai.

Extroverts are valued more than introverts, especially in America.

I don't know if that is true, but I have a lot of introvert friends in America.

The voice actors from DBZ must have gone home after work with laryngitis every day, with all of the screaming and whatnot in every episode... amirite?

The screaming may not have strained there voice at all.

What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

Not being miss-gendered, along with how I see my self

Anime has taught you a ton of things about life, for instance, the girls who act like they don't like you are obviously just tsundere, you'll definitely end up with them, gigantic robots in the future will surely use swords when fighting and that you, for some reason, will go to the beach even though there is a much more important thing at hand, amirite?

Anime can teach you somethings, but when it comes down to it. Anime is just live any form of entertainment. Things are exaggerated, and simplified.

Gemini. Usually they are completely off from my personally. However, recently I found a place that describes about half of my personality.

It's a shame that people will often not read a manga to get the full story line of an anime and instead whine on forums for ages for another season, it's terribly immature and they miss out on something they'd probably really enjoy, amirite?

This makes me thing of movie vs book, or anime vs manga.

The 2011 prequel to the 1982 film "The Thing" would've gotten 15-30 points higher on Metacritic if the director had used animatronic effects. Amirite?

That is the whole reason why the 1982 film scared me when I first saw it.

Anime: Because giant super robots would TOTALLY use swords and not guns, amirite?

What about gun swords?

I just stay by myself and wait for anyone who wants to be my friend.

It's very often the cute, innocent looking ones that turn out to be the mass murdering type, amirite?

No. Some times they are just cute and innocent.

Food is better than a boyfriend. Amirite?
In real life, if a girl wears an extremely short skirt(and is not cosplaying), she's labeled a slut, but in anime if a girl wears a really short skirt, then she can still be sweet and innocent, amirite?

If a real or 2D girl wears a short skirt, they still have the posabitly of being called a slut in my book. However, a real girl could be sweet and innocent like the anime girl is.