When Voldemort went to the Potter's house to kill Harry, why didn't Lily and James just apparate the fuck out of there, amirite?

You can't apparate out of a Fidelius Charm. Nerding out ftw!

You touch your toes and spread your butt cheeks then try to smell the air afterwards, amirite?

What the hell...?

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?

I'm no grammar nazi but holy shit...

When someone gives you a gift you really like, you smile and thank them. When someone gives you a gift you don't like, you still smile and thank them, because you're not an ungrateful brat, amirite?

That awkward moment when one person is an ungrateful brat and thumbed down.

If an elderly person has simply lost the will to live, and wants to stop taking medications and seeing doctors, then no one should interfere with that decision. They have earned the right to decide when it's their time, amirite?

The problem comes when you have dementia and alzheimer's patients. They're usually unable to live alone even while they're on medication. Once they stop taking their medication then they will quickly become confused/afraid/miserable. It is hard to watch someone with dementia while they're having a really bad day, it's extremely sad and pitiful. Even if they do think they want to go through with it, they won't die quickly. It will take months and possibly years of this horrible quality of life. No one really wants to go through with that.

For the most part you ignore people's acne, amirite?

If only. Some people (I used to) have skin that doesn't get clear with regular washing and medication. The best some people can do is to keep it at a certain level.

Pure imagination does not exist. Try to make up an animal. now describe it. you just described a bunch of animals put together. amirite?

Thinking of a totally fictional animal is easy. Dr.Seuss did it all the time.

It is different when you're talking about something that is already a set limit. For example, you can't imagine a new color because there are only a certain number of colors in the color spectrum there aren't any more to imagine.

Monday and Tuesday drag on, yet once Wednesday hits the week flys by, amirite?

Down hill FTW!

A good slogan for a plumbing company would go something like, "Our job may be shitty, but our work isn't", amirite?

"We're number one in the number two business."

Dying is the last thing you will ever do... Literally, amirite?
Suicide booths in Futurama aren't a bad idea. We should have those, except in a more humane way, maybe even facilities that would provide a sure method(euthanasia) and a goodbye ceremony like a funeral, in which the close ones could grieve over the loss, but also be assured and comforted by the suicidal that this is the best way. This would prevent a lot of failed suicides and a lot of unexplained deaths that cause guilt and confusion. It's a good idea, amirite?

I don't think someone should just be allowed to choice suicide whenever they feel like enough is enough. These people are usually completely irrational at the time, and will live happy healthy lives if given enough time to calm down. However, I do think that people who are likely going to die from something else, such as cancer, should be allowed to choose to speed up the process to avoid the horrible end stages.

Dying is the last thing you will ever do... Literally, amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken Your body is you.

Your body is your body. Once you die you don't have anything to do with what happens to your body. You could technically go tap dancing after you die but it won't be you, just your body.

Just because you smoke weed or party all the time doesnt mean your cool or bad ass; it simply means your stupid. Amirite?

Moderation is the key =)

Comic books, graphic novels, and manga do not count as literature. amirite?
@fangirl12 Actually I have. It's really good. But just because soemthing is truly amazing and great doesn't mean it's...

I would still classify it as literature, but as long as your opinion is educated in reading the book before condemning it then I think this is still a good post even if I disagree. :)

If we were a TRUE democracy, we would do away with the Electoral College, amirite?

The founding fathers designed our system to be a Republic, not a Democracy. In the entire writing of the Constitution the only thing that wasn't contested was the electoral college system. Every founding father agreed we could not do without it. Something like 10-15 cities in the US would decide the entire election without the electoral college in place.

The electoral college gives a weighted vote to minorities so they are actually important when it comes to voting. To give an example, North Dakota wouldn't even have half a vote if the voting system went based on population. The minimum is 3 votes though so everyone in North Dakota has a very heavily weighted vote.