LOL, I laughed out loud at the 'dicksmasher' ;D Haha, best part!!

Sometimes you think, "If someone that ugly can get a boyfriend, why can't I?!" even though it's really shallow, amirite?

Eh, pretty much sucks because I moved towns and this hot, sweet guy liked me and I liked him and then he goes out with some one who's not the best really :S

It always seems that whenever a girl posts a picture on facebook, there are a bunch of comments saying "Stop being adorable, No YOU stop, No YOU, OH MAI GAWSH You are so adorable, etc. etc. etc." Amirite?

All I could picture were cute asian girls speaking like that :3

"Can I have your number?" "Oh sorry, I lost my phone" via Facebook mobile. Hmm... rejected, amirite?
"Can I have your number?" "Oh sorry, I lost my phone" via Facebook mobile. Hmm... rejected, amirite?
@Kristaxx i love too :)

Oh yes, how I just love that site :) I can relate to it yunno

Your first kiss was a big deal, amirite?

No shit it was! Because it was in PUBLIC and I'd never HAD a boyfriend!

Girls suck at swearing, amirite?

Maybe you go to some places in Australia and you'll be fucking blown away....

At least once in the school hallway you've seen one random person that you'd like to bang, amirite?

Ha, planty of hot guys, aha ;D but I ain't a slut so I don't take action LOL

It's normal that I fantasize about having sex with food. amirite?


You were born in 1996, amirite?

I had the most awesomest 4th birthday :D it was the 22/11/00 :D How cool would that of been(probebly not, lol)..... I'm such a dork :| lol

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?

Of course! Now get back to what you're good at- Having no life and living under a bridge AND being ugly :L

Poo tastes good, amirite?

Mmm... I'm not voting 'cause I've never done it :/ so I'm guessing everyone who's voted, has (?)

Just because I wear tight shirts and kiss boys, it doesn't mean I'm gay, amirite?

No, it makes you bisexual

It's sexy when a girl can laugh at herself, amirite?
You eat sausages when you are angry, amirite?

lol, kust kidding -^ i did this to piss him off