When someone close to you dies change seats, amirite?
If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. If you give a teenage boy a marker, he will draw a penis. Amirite?

Ahahaha that's so true!
Girls are just as immature lol trust me.
My teacher gave me white out and my friend now has a giant white penis on his notebook ;D

When someone close to you dies change seats, amirite?

That's what I'm wondering

b is an upside down p, p is a backwards q, and q is an upside down d, amirite?

Yeah! It shows a lower case b on my iPhone app.

Even though you were skeptical, you were still freaked out the first time you saw Peter Answers, amirite?

Peter is stupid!

I hate that all guys are made out to be sex-loving, black ops addicted, non-sensitive dumbasses. Not everyone is like that! Believe it or not, there are girls who are like this (not always including the black ops part though) amirite?

I'm a black ops addicted and somewhat insensitive girl :P

You've always wondered who Simon is and why he says to do all kinds of weird stuff, amirite?

Idk who taht is lol

You've always wondered what people said for clockwise and counter-clockwise before clocks were invented and what caused people to start saying clockwise and counter-clockwise. amirite?

Woah how did you know?

Those Japanese people are so lucky! They're all going to turn into superheroes! amirite?

Maybe so but my sister said it when we were watching the news.

Old people look like lizards, amirite?

I'm glad someone else had read that book! :)

this site will never get 500,000 posts, amirite?

You're so lucky! :) lol I was thinking this post would be like 500,000th post, amirite? But noooo!!!
Anyways nice job!!! :D

It is totally awesomess to make adjectives into nouns, amirite?

Totally is an adveb...
So it should be total awesomeness jsyk! :)

It's weird that so many 90's kids have never heard of Pogs, amirite?

I have no idea what pogs are :O
I'm a typical 90s kid. :P

When you hear the word optimistic you think of optimus prime, amirite?

Hahaha I'm such a failure!!!

Have you ever been to Antarctica? Do you even know anyone thats been there? Ok then, how do we know FOR REAL that it is even there? amirite?

This post was G R E A T!
Dude, I don't think Antarctica has countries... Crazy stuff.