Kristen Stewart would be a great poker player. It's impossible to read the emotion in her face, amirite?

The many faces of Kristen Stewart: happy- :| sad- :| angry- :| suprised- :| getting laid- :| puppy just died- :| pain- :| disappointment- :|

Your virginity is something you're supposed to lose in the back seat of a car to someone you think you're in love with, amirite?
You love it when you randomly find 20 dollars in your pocket, amirite?

But it sucks when you remember you're from Zimbabwe

We should use breastmilk in actual recipes, to bake cakes and such, amirite?

Then people can open up women farms, where the women graze all day until it's time to be milked...

Super mario theme song.

it's sad how hard the us solders fight for their country, and when they get back most of them get nothing in return. amirite?

It's sad how people not smart enough to get into college think that shooting people in a foreign country somehow entitles them to receive more benefits and respect than everyone else.

Volcanoes are our planet's G spots and each time there's an eruption, it means the earth just had an orgasm, amirite?
It's always the small family-owned restaurants that surprise you. amirite?

Because it's only 2 minutes long?

Americans should feel lucky to have Obama as their president and stop bad mouthing him. I live in New Zealand and wish we could have a prime minister as good as Obama. amirite?

In South Africa, we have a president that's a polygamist (5 wives, 20 kids) and he thinks taking a shower after unprotected sex will prevent AIDS. He also likes singing a song about machine guns at his campaign rallies. Also he never finished high school.
Top that. smirk smilie

It's aggravating when you're trying to talk to a guy about a serious matter, but they keep behaving immaturely & making the matter sexual, or just a joke. amirite?
Minnesota girls are the hottest girls on the planet, amirite?
@sonickemet *California girls. They're unforgettable.

Yes. You never forget the girl that gave you herpes.

Its kinds sad that America isn't on the list for the top 10 cleanest and smartest countries, amirite?
Guys: you try to be really nice to girls, but after being stabbed in the back a bunch of times you just think "Whatever. I'm going to be a dick for a while." It may not be nice, but it is true, amirite?
@528491 double staaaandard.

How so? If a girl is a bitch to me then so be it. I'm not going to go around being a dick to other girls and blame it on her. That's just being an asshole.
Also, I'm a guy so I find it more annoying when guys bitch and moan about girls. Seriously, grow a pair and sort out your shit. Complaining never solved anything.
That's my long rant for the day. :)