About me.

well this bio should be rather awkward but, here it goes

hi. my name is sarah june and i live in a small ass town in illinois. if you ever feel the need to come visit this state, don't. it freaking sucks. anyways, im pretty much a loner and only talk to a few people who im really close to. all the whore-ish people at my school can seriously fall in a hole along with their annoying deformed faces. why any guys like them is beyond me. peoples fakeness and bullshit are the main reason i prefer to be alone. i do what i want and say what i feel. my favorite animal would probably be a moose. i watch jenna marbles religiously on youtube therefor, wednesdays have recently become my new favorite day of the week. i have a pet gold fish named ned. he's pretty cool, just swims around. aaaaand my role model is ellen degeneres. that is all. adios.