It's annoying how if 10 people are killed today christians just see it on the news and don't give a shit about their lives, while when 10 women decide to abort (and according to christians "kill their lives") they get mad about it and go to the streets to protest. They care more about the lives of fetuses than they care about real lives. Amirite?

I am a Christian, and a pro-choicer. It's not my body, my baby or my life, so it's not my choice to make for someone else. The most I can do is give love and support the (not) mother so that maybe, in the future, she won't have to be in such a terrible position.

You wonder how everything got it's name. Example: Why is a chair.. called a chair? Seriously, how do these things get their names? amirite?

I'm really glad I'm not the only one who this applies to. Whenever I bring this up in conversation, people always look at me like I'm a retard XD

When you were little all letters had to have a P.S. amirite?

I still do...XD

Once you black, you never go back....unless you're Michael Jackson, of course. amirite?

No disrespect meant...I still love his music. Just meant it as a pun _ If it bugs anyone else, I'll take it off =)