It doesn't help the gay cause when a show, such as Glee, creates a gay character comprised of every possible gay stereotype, such as being flamboyant, feminine, into decorating, etc., amirite?

The whole show is based on stereotypes. Ever notice that?

You shouldn't give money to homeless people, if they want money they should get a job, if you want to help them you should help them get a job, but don't just give them cash, that won't really help them, amirite?

The problem is that since they're homeless, they don't have an address they can put in for the application and won't get a job for this. For the same reason, they can't get any welfare to buy or rent a place. And cash buys them food, which they need to live; you also need to be alive if you want a job. If they didn't need the money desperately, they wouldn't be begging, people are too proud to do it otherwise. I also once knew a homeless man who would put some of that money aside every day just so he could sign in as a guest at a local swimming pool to use the showers there. You also won't get that job if you stink. He didn't even get a place at the shelter most nights, because he ended up willingly giving his away to women and/or children. The point of this long story is, certain things are essential to get a job, and you need money for these things, and you need a job for money. If you see a homeless man begging, he probably has none of these, so maybe you should sacrifice a little bit and buy a drip coffee instead of a frappuccino, and give the poor guy the 2$ you saved. Who knows, maybe it pays for the first meal he's had in 3 days and you just saved his life

So if the board game Battleship has been made into a movie, you have to wonder what game is next. Chess: the heartwrenching tale of a dominatrix queen and a lethargic king armed with knights whose horses can't walk in a straight line. Or Chinese Checkers: the tragic story of a hexagramal solar system thrown out of balance once the planets start eating each other. Or Clue - oh, wait. Amirite?

If done well, I think the chess idea could actually make a pretty good movie

All single, pretty girls: you have tons of guy friends who tell you you're gorgeous/hot/beautiful etc., but you still don't know why you can't get a boyfriend, amirite?

Theres a thing called personality, obviously yours isn't good enough

Since English was created in England, it can be assumed that the English created it. If the English created English, then an English accent is the real 'no accent' way to speak English, amirite?

At the time it was created, they spoke differently than people do now, no matter what accent you speak, therefor, a "no accent English" no longer exists

Swimming is not just a sport, it's a survival skill. Not many other sports can claim that, am I right?

Archery used to be a survival skill, and can be considered one today.

The people who just love the Beatles fail to realise that they were just the One Direction of their time, amirite?

No, they have similarities, which you are thinking of. They are both succesful music groups, but while One Direction made songs that were in the top 10 charts, Beatles revolutionized music as a whole. They paved the way for any modern musician today. One Direction has computer generated sounds made to sound like instruments, and their voices may or may not (probably are for certain notes) be digitally enhanced. The Beatles relied on creativity and talent, not on their looks. If they wanted an echo, they would rely on the acoustics of the room.

It's annoying when you see a kid throwing a tantrum at a store and the parent is doing absolutely nothing about it, "Oh my God, control your kid before I do!!!" amirite?
@Deathelf Maybe ignoring the kid is their way of handling the situation. Kids hate being ignored, and yelling at them can...

Ignoring the child is a good thing to do in situations like that, but not in a public place. Then you need to get them in control, and teach then that such behavior is just unacceptable.

You're careful where you dry your face on your towel when you get out of the shower so you don't dry your face with the same place that you dry your butt, amirite?

If you just showered, they should both be equally clean, so what's the problem?

Mythbusters: If it isn't true, you blow it up instead then. amirite?

And if it is true: blow it up anyway

i'm sorry, but yes your parents have sex, and yes they like it, amirite?

My dad's dead, and cremated so that would be VERY weird

When you roll a die, the outcome is predetermined by the intricacies of physics, it's just that nobody can have any idea what that outcome will be.

Given the perfect circumstances, it can be calculated, but you need to know the exact angle of the throw and table, the exact force used and the starting position of each eye. But you also need a lot of time and math to figure it out

You've never seen someone that wasn't a cartoon character that had pointy boobs, amirite?
@Satan Bonnie from Kim Possible had quite round ones

Nevermind, I read that wrong the first time

Worlds shortest horror story: The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. Amirite?

It also seems a little like the beginning of a porno

You wouldn't pronounce Syria as Sur-e-uh, so don't pronounce syrup as sur-up, amirite?