Extremists burned down a KFC in Lebanon during a protest. If anything is likely to start another war in Africa, this is it, amirite?

why africa?

Nerdfighters: You're excited for TFiOS, amirite?

I heard the first chapter and can't wait to read the rest!

Why is pinapple the only fruit worthy to be on pizza? I mean there are a lot of other fruits just as good as pinapple out there. amirite?

I know a place that puts strawberries on pizza.

Cheating On Someone Who Loves You Is Like Sneaking A Happy Meal Into The Olive Grarden. It's Like Dude, You Already Have Unlimited Breadsticks. amirite?

this would make a good fall out boy song title.

There's no way to walk downhill without looking awkward, amirite?

Especially if you're wearing heals.

The best of us can find happiness in misery, amirite?
You wonder why you get that rush of blood to your head when you stand up after sitting for an hour, but not when you get up after a full night's sleep, amirite?

I get that when I get out of bed every morning

Movies at the theater should have a few minutes break in the middle, so you can use the bathroom or get a refill without missing anything, amirite?

we have breaks in the middle of all movies.

You either love Glee, hate it, or have never watched it. There is no middle ground, amirite?

never seen it.

Dinosaur extinction wasn't an accident. Barney came along and they all committed suicide. amirite?

this made me laugh =D

@Where's the s?

idk man, my handwriting sucks ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ lol

Non-native English speakers: No matter how good, fluent or trained in the arts of imitating a native accent you are, every now and then you accidentally start a sentence with your country's accent, then feel pretty bad about it and hope no one noticed, amirite?
@Reader It happens to me, but not it my country's accent. I don't know, CAN English be spoken in an Arabic accent? I tend...

you can definitely speak english in an arabic accent. its so wierd though, thats why I try not to do it x)

Young people try to look older. Old people try to look younger. There must be some age where you're perfectly content to look your age. amirite?

for me its 17 tbh

Go to the comments section of this post, right click and paste. Show us the last thing you copied. This will be fun, amirite?