You feel a special bond with people who have the same first name as you, amirite?

haha. this made me laugh :')

Movies, especially really long ones, should have an intermission so you can use the bathroom and get refills on soda and popcorn, amirite?
You could never understand the point of the lid they put on mcflurry even now. amirite?

should I worry that where I live they don't put lids on mcflurries?

One time or another, we've gotten temporarily blind from getting up too fast, amirite?

this happens to me every single day :/

It would be cool to have the happy meal box just like the one on t.v. Not that crappy bag you get, amirite?
When you don't have an ice cream scooper & end up using a spoon, the spoon is bended & deformed by the time you're done scooping the ice cream, amirite?

what kind of crappy spoons are you using?

When you look at a digital clock and it says 7:21 you automatically think "3", amirite?

I don't get it

you like using funny words that no one else does anymore (like swell, neat, nifty, etc.) amirite?

groovy :D

It's awkward when you stare in to space, only to realise you're staring at someone's crotch. amirite?

I did this & then relized I was staring at my teachers.. :$ eww

Justin Bieber's voice will suck once he hits puberty, amirite?

whaat? O_O it doesn't suck now?!!

Besides ono smilie (b) d smilie and y smilie what else is there? amirite?

ono smilie (b) d smilie y smilie
I just wanted to try this...

Admit it, the world would be crazy if we all had to be the first thing we wanted to be. For example: A bunch of ninjas, princesses, pirates, etc. amirite?

A power ranger. Oh god.

While rinsing off the shampoo off your hair, you close your eyes right? And you try to finish rinse your hair really fast so you can open your eyes cause you're scared something is gonna pop in front of your face, the water is gonna turn into blood, or whatever comes to your imagination, amirite?

HOW? please inform the rest of us

why is Harry Potter popular all of a sudden when its been around for ages? you can't help but wonder if all these new fans are just trying to be "cool", amirite?
Hiking is just walking where you can pee. Sometimes old people go hiking by mistake. amirite?

I laughed :')