The best of us can find happiness in misery, amirite?
whenever your telling someone a story and they get distracted and stop paying attention to you, you turn to another person who happened to be following along and finish the story with them so you dont look stupid, amirite?

I hate people that do that.. I just feel like slapping them & shouting HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!!

Those that can't do, teach. And those that can't teach, teach gym, amirite?

Jack Black is amazing :3

Extremists burned down a KFC in Lebanon during a protest. If anything is likely to start another war in Africa, this is it, amirite?
87x/59(1 x)=(187x)(67-x)...fuck this, I'm going to be a pimp. amirite?

why does your username have blue around it?

@Where's the s?

idk man, my handwriting sucks ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ lol

It's disguisting to picture your mom or sister giving birth, amirite?

thanks for the mental images D:


It's hard to make a song sound serious when you're accompanied by an ukulele, amirite?

*a ukulele... and no.. go listen to tom milsoms songs (:

It's annoying when people put a space between their words and punctuation. For example , like this . amirite?

thank you! finally someone that shares my pain..

It's stupid and annoying when people say eva instead of ever, taday instead of today, tomaro instead of tomorrow, kewl instead of cool, and so on, amirite?

yeah I say eva because of my accent.. but the rest of them are just weird

Non-native English speakers: No matter how good, fluent or trained in the arts of imitating a native accent you are, every now and then you accidentally start a sentence with your country's accent, then feel pretty bad about it and hope no one noticed, amirite?
@Reader It happens to me, but not it my country's accent. I don't know, CAN English be spoken in an Arabic accent? I tend...

you can definitely speak english in an arabic accent. its so wierd though, thats why I try not to do it x)

87x/59(1 x)=(187x)(67-x)...fuck this, I'm going to be a pimp. amirite?
Cheating On Someone Who Loves You Is Like Sneaking A Happy Meal Into The Olive Grarden. It's Like Dude, You Already Have Unlimited Breadsticks. amirite?

this would make a good fall out boy song title.

There's no way to walk downhill without looking awkward, amirite?

Especially if you're wearing heals.