I don't like YouTube ads, but if they weren't there then YouTube probably wouldn't be, amirite?

we don't get them where I live =]

One time or another, we've gotten temporarily blind from getting up too fast, amirite?

this happens to me every single day :/

You have NO clue who Gerard Way is, amirite?

shame on you

We all know that in ten years, we're going to look back at Lady Gaga and say to ourselves, "what were we on?", amirite?
It's awkward when you stare in to space, only to realise you're staring at someone's crotch. amirite?

I did this & then relized I was staring at my teachers.. :$ eww

While rinsing off the shampoo off your hair, you close your eyes right? And you try to finish rinse your hair really fast so you can open your eyes cause you're scared something is gonna pop in front of your face, the water is gonna turn into blood, or whatever comes to your imagination, amirite?

HOW? please inform the rest of us

It's stupid and annoying when people say eva instead of ever, taday instead of today, tomaro instead of tomorrow, kewl instead of cool, and so on, amirite?

yeah I say eva because of my accent.. but the rest of them are just weird

Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady, amirite?

!!..is it anyway

I don't hate Justin Bieber for his high pitched voice; I mean, look at Michael Jackson, he sounded like a girl and he's a legend. There are other reasons to hate Justin Bieber. For example, the fact that he's 16 and all his songs have crappy lyrics about love, which he knows nothing about, amirite?

hes 16? o___o really? I honestly thought he was 13..

whenever your telling someone a story and they get distracted and stop paying attention to you, you turn to another person who happened to be following along and finish the story with them so you dont look stupid, amirite?

I hate people that do that.. I just feel like slapping them & shouting HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!!

Those that can't do, teach. And those that can't teach, teach gym, amirite?

Jack Black is amazing :3

You could never understand the point of the lid they put on mcflurry even now. amirite?

should I worry that where I live they don't put lids on mcflurries?

It's disguisting to picture your mom or sister giving birth, amirite?

thanks for the mental images D:


It's annoying when people put a space between their words and punctuation. For example , like this . amirite?

thank you! finally someone that shares my pain..

When you look at a digital clock and it says 7:21 you automatically think "3", amirite?

I don't get it