its rediculous when you go on a date, and the next day they propose to you OVER TEXT, and get mad when you say no, amirite?

People do that?

Help me settle this: If you are in marching band, a math genius, in love with reading, and play on your graphing calculator for fun, you're a nerd, amirite?
My heart cannot continue going at this rate without getting tired and stopping. amirite?

That's an interesting way to think about life

It's disgusting when someone borrows your ipod without asking then leaves their manky earwax on the headphones, amirite?

"Uh.. hey, can you just, um... clean that off? thanks."

Don't you get a sense of accomplishment when you text something really fast without any errors whatsoever? amirite?

Heck yes. And then I look around to see if anyone saw, if not I will find someone and explain my victory to them.

If you're not a morning person, you should learn to be, because breakfast is worth it, amirite?
its kinda strange when people say "thanks" after you liked there post on facebook amirite?

Very strange, and very awkward.

When you see the one you like your heart skips a beat, amirite?

And the butterflies... :)

If you're not a morning person, you should learn to be, because breakfast is worth it, amirite?

I hate breakfast food. :/ Honestly. Waffles and pancakes make my stomach feel weird, don't like eggs, hate having toast or cereal. My breakfasts consist of peanut butter sandwiches, orange juice, and the occasional leftover Kraft Dinner.

You always feel a little better after your done vomiting, amirite?

Yes, yes...

Mozilla Firefox is the bomb, amirite?

I love Chrome

People are too obssesed with every facet of the lives of celebrities. There's a difference between legitimate press coverage and the overly-abundant, usually-fake celebrity gossip that gets way too personal, amirite?

RIP Brittany!

Friends was an awesome show. amirite?

Heck yes. Was? It still is.

Make jokes, not war, amirite?