its rediculous when you go on a date, and the next day they propose to you OVER TEXT, and get mad when you say no, amirite?

People do that?

Walking into the shower with my socks on... not the best of plans, amirite?

Oh nice one.

It is hella annoying when people talk in ALL CAPS or LiKe ThIS WiTH RANdoM CApitaLS, amirite?
When you see the one you like your heart skips a beat, amirite?

And the butterflies... :)

its kinda strange when people say "thanks" after you liked there post on facebook amirite?

Very strange, and very awkward.

Screw what others say about me, it's alright to be 13 and not have a girlfriend, amirite?

I'm 13, never had a bf... I would have if my crush liked me back but whatever. Haha it's fine, I'm still young :)

It's disgusting when someone borrows your ipod without asking then leaves their manky earwax on the headphones, amirite?

"Uh.. hey, can you just, um... clean that off? thanks."

My heart cannot continue going at this rate without getting tired and stopping. amirite?

That's an interesting way to think about life

When it comes to condoms, put two on, amirite?

Ahahaha Asher Roth.

Mozilla Firefox is the bomb, amirite?

I love Chrome

I realize that by trolling, this site will become just like MLIA and FML. I will now hang up my troll hat and become a member of this community. Good luck everyone. amirite?

THANK you.

Your perfect...but I am too :D so it's okay. amirite?

YES! I've always wanted to be someone's perfect.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both ugly....Taylor Lautners hot tho :) amirite?
It sucks when someone tells you they love you, but take it back later, amirite?

Who the hell would do this?? That makes no sense

It's pretty annoying when people write a paragraph just complaining for their facebook status, because honestly, no one cares, amirite?

But now your complaining about complaining. Does that make me complaining about complaining about complaining?