Moose are sexy animals, amirite?
Bagels have holes in the middle, amirite?

If a bagel doesn't have a hole is it considered a bun? I would feel sorry for a bagel without a hole, poor bagel.

It seems that much time is spent thinking about the things that we don't have, rather than appreciating the things that we do have, amirite?

Yes, sadly...

Walking into the shower with my socks on... not the best of plans, amirite?

Oh nice one.

It matter less about how many friends you have, and more about how close you are to those friends, amirite?

So very true

A pet dinosaur would be awesome right up til when it ate you or squashed you, amirite?

Good point!

Being hit by a 150 ton meteor would be very terrible, amirite?

That would be a bummer

It completely defeats the purpose of having spaghetti when someone cuts up all the noodles into little pieces, amirite?

I cut my spaghetti so its easier to eat :)

I hate timezone differences. amirite?

Yes. Timezones should just be the same everywhere but the time of day people go to bed should just be different.

Yes, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings. I would eat breakfast every day in my snuggie... if I had one

WTF Blanket is a fantastic name for a Snuggie, amirite?

My innocence! covers eyes

WTF Blanket is a fantastic name for a Snuggie, amirite?
When it comes to condoms, put two on, amirite?

Ahahaha Asher Roth.

Orange juice with pulp has more texture, and it's more enjoyable to drink than orange juice without pulp, amirite?

I dislike pulp

Turtles are great, amirite?

Especially ones drawn in chat rooms.