Gene Wilder (June 11, 1933 – August 29, 2016)

He is reunited with Gilda. :)

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The original was made with a $60,000 budget. I never saw it in the cinema but I bought it on VHS when it was released. I was living in Seattle at the time. It was a Friday. I got home from work around 11:30 p.m. or midnight. I put the tape in the VCR and let it roll. I tossed and turned all night afterwards because it freaked me out so badly. I was alone in the house, too. Only to find out later on that the entire Blair witch legend was a fabrication.

I'll watch for nostalgia's sake but I'm not sure a Hollywood sequel can outdo the original. High budget and special effects don't always translate to the desired outcome.

Food Delivery Service - Monthly subscription-deliveries from your local restaurants-What do you think ?

Oh well I am far from the brightest on here hehe smiliehehe smilie

However, I think businesses would see an increase in sales. I particular groups utilizing this service such as those that don't drive, the elderly, & single parents that don't want to take their kids out. I would gladly utilize this service.


Hehe I can really feel my heart working hard after some KFC.


Haha, no no I changed my brothers diaper when I was baby sitting. 乂^◡^乂

About twenty six years ago. 乂º◡º乂

I shower daily.

Not really... Poor cow.

What are your measurements?

6' 1''
168 lbs

I'm racist... Everyone is, anyway.

Who do you have blocked? You can tell because you have them blocked.

Nobody at the mo. 乂º◡º乂