It's annoying when you're texting someone and they send one saying "gtg, bye"... umm, pretty sure you're using a cellphone, you can take it anywhere you're going, amirite?

they prolly juss dont wanna talk to u anymore

Some names are just un-nicknameable. amirite?
You'd be pretty pissed if someone started eating a twix instead of answering your question, amirite?

Need a moment, chew it over with twix :D

It's so annoying when you're in an arguement with someone online and all they can do is bash on your spelling errors. amirite?

"hmm I don't have any comeback so I'll just correct your grammar" :P

You know its a series finale when a main character walks to the door of an important room, turn around to look back, turn off the lights and walk out of the room, amirite?
It's not that I CAN'T live without technologly.. It's just that I don't HAVE to, so why would I? amirite?
@ClaronSteed ..Either way. Shhhh. :)

lol kay. xD doesn't seem like anyone noticed anyway so its all good :D

Let's face it, most fictional television character's don't grow up unless it's necessary in the show, amirite?

Arthur has been stuck in the third grade for like 10 years, Timmy Turner never turned eleven,and Phineas & Ferb have a never ending summer.

The abbreviation for ounces is oz because the Wizard of Oz said so. But who came up with lbs. for pounds, amirite?

the abbreviation of pounds is lbs because it originates from Latin where Libra means scales or balances

Fuck laser vision and super strength. If you could have any power you would choose Skadooing, from Blues Clues. amirite?

it'd b cool if we could skadoo into ppl's minds and see what they're rele thinking

The only thing ppl want to lose is weight, amirite?
@Rene_Magritte Just kidding. I know abbreviating words lets you write faster, but the thing is that it also makes it harder to...

yea i've tried to spell out my words more when writing posts, idk if you noticed or not but this post was made about 5 months ago so i've learned from my mistakes _^

You are able to cry more easily around the people you don't want seeeing you cry, amirite?
you wish your keyboard lit up so that you could type at night without anyone knowing and still be able to see the keys, amirite?

but its kinda weird how tht wasnt put into all the keyboards since like the keys on your phone light up

The only thing ppl want to lose is weight, amirite?

For everyone that has been complaining about the fact that i didn't spell out the word "people", i made this post a while back and since then i have learned that people like you don't like when others abbreviate words so you feel the need to comment on it which i think is really stupid cuz you shouldn't judge how someone else writes.

If your best friend died you wouldn't be at their funeral, you'd be in jail for murdering whoever killed them. amirite?
@Unless she died of natural causes.

(Me!!!!!! =)): ikr wat if no1 murdured her??

Yup cuz tht means they hav a job ^^