You believe something so wholeheartedly that you are willing to state it the comments.

I believe in Sherlock Holmes

Conan O'Brien is the real-life equivalent to Caesar Flickerman, amirite?
You've reached the point at least once where you procrastinate so much you're at risk of failing your class, amirite?

A year and a half's worth of art coursework to be done by the 14th of December, and here i am on amirite. i really should have my internet disabled..

Comedians that don't cuss are a million times more funny than those who do. amirite?

russell howard begs to differ

If magic was so great, then Harry Potter wouldn't have to wear glasses, amirite?

i believe the words you're looking for are: "if harry potter is so magical, why cant he fix his eyesight?"

if they were planning on having sex in the house, and the parents were away, wouldnt they just do it in the parent's bed?

I'm pretty sure the best thing about being Jesus is knowing that your parents never fucked. amirite?
There's always that one friend that breaks whatever they touch, amirite?
It would be awesome to walk into a candy store and say "Trick or treat!" Amirite?

we do that in our local corner shops ahha

Once you're an adult and kids ding-dong ditch you, you'll chase after them for the fun of it, amirite?

in england we call it knock down ginger :P have no idea why

Jesus christ!!!!! I get what osama did was bad and all but we didn't need to kill him!!!! amirite?

do you actually know what he did...

Airlines should install a couple of extra-large seats for the extra-large people that usually can't fit into one seat and they can't afford to pay for first-class on airplanes, amirite?

no extra-large people that are voluntarily that way (and not for a medical reason) should have to pay extra. If they are not willing to slim down for their own benefit (of being healthy and saving money on things like this) why should everything change for them?

It's annoying when someone complains about someone giving spoilers to a film made from a book. There is already the massive 'plot spoiler' out there, and just because you can't be bothered to pick it up doesn't mean we can't talk about it, amirite?

Was thinking of the hunger games when reading this aha everyone keeps freaking the fuck out over spoilers and im just like...there was a book first you know..

Taylor Swift is just really whiny and overplays being the victim, amirite?

She annoys the fuck out of me and no one else i know agrees