if god isn't real, then how do leaves stay on trees even though there is gravity. Wouldn't gravity make the leaves fall off the trees? amirite?
@ they are connected to the bone, but with leaves, they are barely connected to the tree.

Yeah but leaves are lighter than fingers, so they dont need such a strong support like bone, they stay connected only by stems (which, if you havent noticed, are sturdier than the leaf) please tell me your joking by the way, im 14 too and i literally cannot believe that you're being serious

This new abortion law proposed in Mississippi is absurd, amirite?

Stupidest thing iv'e ever heard..

If magic was so great, then Harry Potter wouldn't have to wear glasses, amirite?

i believe the words you're looking for are: "if harry potter is so magical, why cant he fix his eyesight?"

It doesn't make sense for Brian Griffin to be an Atheist because in earlier episodes God's existance has been proven in their world, amirite?
its awkward when your teachers know your love life. amirite?

Awkward after a big party weekend and the teacher starts up a convo about "who got off with who"

Conan O'Brien is the real-life equivalent to Caesar Flickerman, amirite?
Taylor Swift is just really whiny and overplays being the victim, amirite?

She annoys the fuck out of me and no one else i know agrees

Sometimes you wonder why certain things are looked down upon by society. amirite?
Jesus christ!!!!! I get what osama did was bad and all but we didn't need to kill him!!!! amirite?

do you actually know what he did...

Airlines should install a couple of extra-large seats for the extra-large people that usually can't fit into one seat and they can't afford to pay for first-class on airplanes, amirite?

no extra-large people that are voluntarily that way (and not for a medical reason) should have to pay extra. If they are not willing to slim down for their own benefit (of being healthy and saving money on things like this) why should everything change for them?

It's annoying when someone complains about someone giving spoilers to a film made from a book. There is already the massive 'plot spoiler' out there, and just because you can't be bothered to pick it up doesn't mean we can't talk about it, amirite?

Was thinking of the hunger games when reading this aha everyone keeps freaking the fuck out over spoilers and im just like...there was a book first you know..

It doesn't make sense for Brian Griffin to be an Atheist because in earlier episodes God's existance has been proven in their world, amirite?
Real evolution can be weirder than Pokemon evolution: "What? Tyrannosaurus Rex is evolving? Tyrannosaurus Rex evolved into... Parrot!", amirite?

i thought t-rex's turned into chickens?

"You can't say no until you've tried it" doesn't really apply to rape. amirite?

omg completley unrelated to your post but- HUNGER GAMES FTW

An appendix scar should not prevent a girl from wearing a bikini, amirite?

my friend has a horrible burn scar across her stomach, doesnt stop her