The inventor of light-bulb had the first light-bulb moment, amirite?

You mean Thomas Edison?

Dogs probably lick us, amirite?
@Kionix Trees probably have bark.

Speaking of bark, dogs probably lick us. Because they know we have bones inside of us and they want them

XS, sure. Small, yep. XL, XXL, even XXXXXL? Mmm, OK. XM? NO WAY! There is only medium. amirite?

I'm not sure you know what medium means

To get that just-did-coke feel without the drugs, you can put lidocaine ointment in your nose. amirite?
There aren't any synonyms for cinnamon, amirite?
Dads don't care about their yard looking nice. They just want to be left alone for a couple of hours each week. amirite?

Its less about the grass looking nice and more about it not looking like crap.

Things that are very light fall quite slowly, and yet things that are very heavy fall slowly as well. amirite?

Its because gravity is a constant. Based on the size of earth. The only thing that makes much of a difference is air resistance.

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
  • vomits

Seriously, just imagining this gave me major vertigo :/

The French for ‘Castle' is also the French for ‘Cat Water', amirite?

In French, cat water would be "eau de chat".

Movies have shown almost everything, but you never see a person sneeze. amirite?

I don't think there's a lot of actors that can sneeze on command

No one is ever the right amount of whelmed. amirite?

I think you can be in Europe

There's no blue food. amirite?
@Missannthropic Aren't they purple?

Yep BLUEberries are purple indeed. /s 🙃

Live Reactions to Porn might exists out there, amirite?

Sorry not just might, it indeed exists

As you get older the people you can relate to in terms of age grows. amirite?

I would say its becuase the 12yr old is a child and the 70 and 80 yr olds are adults

Our species needs a purpose. amirite?