Live Reactions to Porn might exists out there, amirite?

Sorry not just might, it indeed exists

Sunlight is the one natural resource humans have not contaminated. amirite?

Why not just say men? By saying "humans" women are getting half the blame

All fiction is propaganda. even if the author doesn't intend a moral, their values inevitably show through. amirite?

Maybe if you have a complete misunderstanding of what "propaganda" means.

Executives are the least likely to escape a burning building, amirite?
@donna That'd be difficult from the golf course.

I forgot to disclaim that they have to be inside the burning building that they are escaping from doh! xD

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?
People focus on cheap chinese imitation that they forget that they are also leading in a lot of areas including the most expensive technologies. amirite?

no, not really.

They don't lead in anything, they just manufacture it. I doubt you can name a Brand name tech that they develop (not copied) that's leading in any area.

It's really other countries that develop expensive tech via. R&D and have china assemble it. All the expensive tech (ie. chips, screens, etc..) are made in other countries (ie. s.korea, tawain, japan, etc..)

We make an effort to dress well in order to have more chance to be undressed later on, amirite?

Not when you go to a funeral

If Superbowl ads are an indicator of trends for the future, we will all be driving electric cars purchased with crypto while holding a seltzer beer really soon. amirite?

All the celebrities were old. Are there not popular young celebrities?

If you successfully graft a female plant to a male plant. You have made a transplant. amirite?

*Facepalms in basic biology.

Logically we're not suppose to exist, and we're existing, amirite?
We're told not to judge a book by its cover but also that first impressions matter, amirite?

It's because while you shouldn't judge others by first impression, others probably will judge you.

The second scientists find a way to visit the past, there will be a line of people looking to vacation or permanently move to a previous decade. amirite?
If you put enough cups of ice on coasters in your room, you will have a dehumidifier. amirite?

Yes be civilized! Part of the goal of a dehumidifier is to catch all the water too.

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
  • vomits

Seriously, just imagining this gave me major vertigo :/

If your in a ONS and your partner doesn't make any noise, that might be a sign they masturbate a lot since they'd try to be quiet about it, amirite?

The only assumption this leads to is that you watch waaay to much porn and think everybody is screaming all the time.