About me.


Hey people, this is my user lookup. My name is Raj and I'm a 12 year old Indian kid. I know, I know, I'm too young to use amirite, but like they say on TV, I have parent permission! ;D Okay, not really, but I have rights too. And I'm not an ignorant fuck like most 12 year old teenage boys.

I have the same birthday as no one famous -- March 21 isn't very common. I mean, who wants to have sex in June? What's special about the sweaty summer? :P

I know lotsa people under my old alias, GrumpyOldTroll & RaggedLegacy. :D

I love rap. Any rap. No, not mainstream shit like Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, or whatever.

1) Eminem 2) Tupac 3) Nas

^^top 3.

That's all about me. I'm usually friendly to people who're friendly to me.