Guys: you think girl's in hijabs are super hot - amirite?
@VicZinc Actually they students from Duke according to the citation.

From the age we middle easterners (im 1/2) turn 15, we all look like we're 20 and when we're 20, we look like we're 20. We look the same from ages 15-30, which is what I've noticed in my mothers home country of Lebanon...

Guys: you think girl's in hijabs are super hot - amirite?

that all depends...I LOOK FANTASTIC in a hijab but im a guy so it's not called a hijab it's the other part of the thowb...idk. I look bedo, but I LOOK SO GOOD LIKE DAMN IF I COULD CLONE MYSELF ID DO ME especially if the thing is black, since it makes my amber eyes pop out like no other and makes my hair look auburn. but then the pictures are of like 12 year old girls why would i think they're hot???

Reality is eccentric enough without drugs, amirite?
@Scientist I'm not sure how to take this post. On one hand. Yes. It is. But on the other I can't tell if you are condemning...

I have no judgement on the regards of those who choose to use drugs and those who do not. It is to each person's personal discretion.

Most Americans probably don't realise that people in other countries imitate them all the time, amirite?

there are people in other countries? are they like states?

That's so gay? Oh, right, getting detention is so HOMOSEXUAL! That cop gave you a ticket because he is so INTO THE SAME GENDER! This party is so MAN ON MAN ACTION! Seriously people, pull it together, amirite?

wow reading the comments is such a pain in the ass. cum on you guys.

Using abreviations like LOL and G2G while texting is understandable, but using them when talking in person is just lazy and annoying. amirite?

I think I'd be understandable if it was IDGAF, because you really don't care enough to say the whole phrase, and saying the whole phrase might make people think you give a fuck...

At least once at your schools, somebody lit something on fire in the boy's bathroom, amirite?
There is nothing more American than over eating and blowing crap up, amirite?

This sounds like Arabs?

I guess, but there are certain limits.
If a girls name is Ladafapuisha, I know that it is an African-American female.
Or Hamudi, I know, is Arab.

UFC is the shit! amirite?
Everyone who knows who Gollum is, knows what multiple personality disorder is amirite?

Anyone who knows my ex-girlfriend knows what MPD is...also bi-polarism...

Canadian money is so much cooler looking than American money, amirite?

My absolute favorite is the Franc! The Swiss always make good stuff:D

I probably shouldn't tell my neighbors that I heard them having sex, amirite?

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It'd go a little something like this...

You have heard of meat pies but you've never had one. amirite?

Ah, how I love being British, Romanian, Russian, Chaldean and Lebanese. All these culture have something in common: Meat pies!

It's weird how most black people have this kind of black person accent. Even if they were born and raised in whatever country you live in, and their parents and grandparents were too, they all have some sort of an accent. For example: in America, a lot of them say "ask" like "axe" and things like that. amirite?

I have this so-called "black persons accent" and I'm White, lol. It's called Ebonics and if you have a lot of black friends, you learn. The other day, someone said they thought I was from Alabama, because she overheard me speaking to my black friends (She's White).